Saturday, November 22, 2008

To Celebrate Leonard coming to town

As you readers all know this blog is all Australian with a
bit of New Zealand thrown in, however a break with
tradition and an album that includes artists that come
from overseas. The reason for this special post is
Leonards coming and I shelled out $400 for 2
tickets, the single most expensive concert Ive
payed for, but you know its not likely he'll be back again.
Its only money as a friend said who also shelled out the same.

Can't wait, been waiting for this and was kind of resigned
to the concept that it would never happen.
On this fantastic tribute album we find some Australian
artists, my pick would be Robert Foster doing Tower
of Song. Which according to an interview about
this record, when Leonard was asked what song he
would pick if invited to contribute
"Tower of Song’ because it is easy to sing.
I don’t like things which are too complicated.."
So lets hear from Leonard fans both here in
Australia and all over who are taking the
opportunity to see a living legend do his thing.
Thanks to for the original post

01. The House of Love: Who by fire

02. Ian McCulloch: Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye

03. Pixies: I can’t forget

04. That Petrol Emotions: Stories of the street

05. The Lilac Time: Bird on the wire
06. Geoffrey Oryema: Suzanne

07. James: So long Marianne

08. Jean-Louis Murat: Avalanche IV

09. David McComb & Adam Peters:
Don’t go home with your hard-on

10. R.E.M.: First we take Manhattan

11. Lloyd Cole: Chelsea hotel

12. Robert Foster: Tower of song

13. Peter Astor: Take this longing

14. Dead Famous People: True love leaves no traces

15. Bill Pritchard: I’m your man

16. Fatima Mansions: A singer must die

17. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Tower of song
18. John Cale: Hallelujah

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