Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Morning Night, cover "Rain Of Arrows" by James Paterson

As a side track I've been meaning to post this for a while and
with the ATP activity I haven't found room, so I make some now.

The Morning Night are a younger band from the west coast who
have recently changed their name from Empty State, because
music biz people think it sounds like a heavy metal band
(so far from what they are) and who have some lets say,
older influences, ones no heavy metal band would have.
They came to my attention via James Paterson who readers
of this blog may remember has featured around here and
who shared with us his fabulous Darlinghurst Demos
you can find here
James was rather chuffed that these guys from Perth had
recorded a track from the demos called "Rain of Arrows",
a beautiful track amongst many. He sent me a copy of their
demo and I sniffed a story in this.I should mention this is only a
rough version of 'Arrows' Adrian's dad is still perfecting the mix.
To cut to the chase I followed up with Adrian how this came
about, cause James isn't exactly well known, all through he
should be. and Adrian sent me the story and permission to
post their version of the song.
So get along to The Morning Night Myspace page here and
listen to some more of their excellent music. I just find it
excellent that bands like the Triffids and Musicians such as
James are influencing the current up and coming bands.
To think your dad introduced you to the Triffids is a concept
that is so far out of my experience, although my parents did
point me in the direction of Ani Difranco when she first played
Woodford back when no one had heard of her here, so I can't
complain. But growing up JOK was the most exciting thing I
was exposed to.

Of recent times James performed in the A Secret In The Shape
Of A Song
show last year , a Sydney Festival concert devoted to
the music of The Triffids and their songwriter/singer David McComb,
and very recently on the 29th of January at Melbourne's Hamer Hall
with the same show. The show which you can read about Here
is in Perth on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of February, I hope
it makes its way to Brisbane soon. Also James tells me that
an interesting addition to the Perth lineup is Warren Ellis,
so they will have about half the Bad Seeds in the band.

James with the Triffids at the Hamer Hall Melbourne

Here's Adrian's letter, please read it and listen to the
song and make some observations in the comments.

Well The Triffids are definitely one of my biggest influences
and obviously I wasn’t born when they were around but I
was first introduced to them by my Dad. When I first heard
about them from him I was really young maybe about 10
and I didn’t really get into them. When I became more into
music when I was about 14 years old I could really see why
my Dad loved them so much and I was really into
“Wide Open Road”, “Trick of the Light” and “Stolen Property”
but that was it at that stage. I guess I didn’t really take the
time to check out their other songs. When I hit 15/16 that’s
when it hit me, I finally decided to go through my Dads Ipod
and check out more of their songs.
I was totally captivated! From that moment I have been
obsessed with The Triffids. I began to love absolutely
everything about them and began admiring what every
member of the bands role is. There was something about
David Mccomb’s vocals though. I had never had so much
power and passion in anyone else’s voice before.
This really inspired me to work on this with my singing.
Dave’s lyrics really mean something and what I worked
out was writing lyrics that you are passionate about or
believe strongly in well naturally make you sing with more
passion and emotion which I have now found to be true.
As a West Australian musician I am incredibly proud of
the fact the Triffids is like a representation of our states
quality of music. From playing gigs around Perth there
are many bands that have also been influenced by The
Triffids heavily. I would say they are seen as one of the
best bands to come out of West Australia over here and
in my opinion the best thing to come out of Australia.
In 2007 I was lucky enough to see the Triffids live which
was my dream come true. Theses shows really proved
that although without Dave Mccomb leading the band
they were still able to blow people away. My highlight of the 3
shows I went to was definitely Melanie Oxley singing
“I Want to Conquer You”. This song without out a doubt
is actually my favorite song of all time.
The dynamics in the instrumentation and the vocals is
incredible. I have never felt so uplifted by listening to
song in my life as I did with “I want to conquer you”.
This song was actually from Dave’s solo album
“Love of Will” Which I rate extremely highly.
After the Triffids last show I was lucky enough to
meet almost the whole entire band including the guest
performers and had my Triffids shirt signed by all of them.
When I got back to Perth after the shows in Sydney I was on
a complete inspiration high and wrote many songs that I am
really proud of. I also felt like I needed to get in contact with
someone in the band or one of the guest performers and tell
them how much I loved the show and how great
they were. On the Triffids myspace I noticed a guy called
“James Paterson” he was one of the guest performers.
I then emailed him telling him what I thought of the show.
James emailed me back telling me how much he liked my
band and then the friendship began. We found that we had
a very similar interest in music and constantly talked
about it through our emails I was fortunate enough to receive
various old Triffids Demo’s from James as well
as songs that he liked and thought that I would like. I really
appreciated the opinions James put across about my bands
songs as I sent him mixes of our stuff. James ended up being
a huge help towards the release of my bands
debut EP. I was then interested to hear some of his own songs
which is when I heard the song “Rain of Arrows”.
There was something about this song that grabbed me although
it was just a Demo. I could just picture in my head my
band performing it and wanted to make it a reality.
I ended up recording the song after coming with ideas in my
head of what I wanted it to sound like. I regard this as a really
great song and felt really privileged to
record it. As James is coming to Perth for more Triffids shows
which I am very excited about, we are planning to spend some
time in the studio and put our musical minds together.


Adrian Hoffmann

Download Here


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