Friday, February 13, 2009

Laughing Clowns - Foundry Stage, Cockatoo Island, Sydney, ATP 18-01-09

For all you Laughing Clown completists like myself, here's
the last of the clowns recent reunion shows. By some accounts
a better show than the day before and this time a complete
recording. The same songs as the earlier shows and the same
45 min set. And of course the same brilliance that is the
Laughing Clowns
All thanks to the taper crankingamps who has done
a superb job yet again.

Track list
01. intro (5:14)
02. The Flypaper (5:05)
03. Come One, Come All (6:51)
04. Everything That Flies (4:57)
05. Nothing That Harms (5:55)
06. Collapse Board (10:34)
07. Eternally Yours (7:50)

Download Here