Monday, February 2, 2009

The Necks - ATP Brisbane15-01-09

We are getting toward the end of the 6 Volume set of the
Brisbane 2009 All Tomorrows Parties.
This time we have a sublime performance from the necks.
I am very happy to hear this since I missed the first 2 acts.
One of my bands to see is the necks, they are unparalleled
anywhere in the world and as so are at the forefront of
Australian innovative music. A single meandering track
highlighting Chris Abrahams genius and indeed the entire
band, this is my kind of music, pure improvisation.
Of course this is a wonderful recording, the crowd are not
at their later raucous levels or numbers and its easy to listen
to this and be transported back to the bright summers
afternoon when it was played.
Kind of an odd band perhaps for a bright sunny day but I'm
sure they pulled it off. Many thanks again to Brisbane greatest
audio historian Chuck.
Now off to bed for me for tomorrow night I see Leonard Cohen.

Download Here


Mona said...

Thanx for this one and I have to agree with Big Ern's comment about Chris Bailey!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Ive heard some amazingly poor taste jokes come from Chris Bailey over the years, but he always makes me laugh. I think like the saints song, hes just misunderstood.
and your welcome mona
ciao bob

John said...

The memories. This is a good recording. Great stuff Bob and Chuck.

Hope you enjoyed Cohen Bob. Would have loved to have gone but have Primal Scream lined up, and yes I know, not even in the same league:-)

Cheers. John.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

your welcome john, chuck did it the work and it is great.
Leonard was fantastic, more later but one of the greatest shows ive ever seen
ciao bob

chuck said...

found some nice necks and other atp brisbane pics today here @ and again here @

John said...

You will all be pleased to know that Primal Scream dedicated their last song to The Saints tonight. I was impressed. Bobby always knew his music. Damn fine show by the way.

P.S Thanks for those links Chuck.

the sweet spot diviner said...

thanks for this very nice to have . i was there on the day & for my money the necks were easily ... easily the best act , next best was j.b;ood.ulmer ... mind you i left 1/2 way through the saints who i've loved since '78 but my expectations were low & i really shoulda known better. ... no more reunions PLEASE !!!!
nice blog though , top work indeed

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great sharing!
Ciao from Italy

*wonderful music on your site*

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Your welcome Freccia, always great to hear from people in the top half of the world

chuck said...

chuck from the darkside downunder reporting the necks played with brian eno !!

who woulda thunk it !!

ive only dloaded part3 so far sounds great to me... wish i was there...

chuck said...

another goodie found from a link from another linked on the link from feedjit...

chuck said...

maybe this is a more complete link to look at - free music archive should have every isp happy your blowing your dload limit...