Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meltingpod podcast #92

Annies got a new pod up and it looks like a beauty
There was a rumor that Steve brought to my attention
that Ed Kuepper was joining the Bad Seeds, well at
least for a short while its true.

#92 Interview with Ed Kuepper joining at the guitar Nick Cave
and the Bad Seeds for a Summer festivals’ European tour
and giving news about the Saints and Laughing Clowns’ shows
at ATP 2009 in Australia Part 1

In this podcast and interview ED KUEPPER explains how he is
joining NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS for their next European
tour this Summer !! He is playing guitar in the band for a
lot of festivals after Mick Harvey one of the founding member
and guitarist left at the end of the ATP 2009 in Australia.
Invited by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (ATP’s curators)
Ed Kuepper and Chris Bailey reformed with their drummer
Ivor Hay The Saints‘ original line-up for 6 shows during
that festival last January and they added Archie Larizza
at the bass and a three pieces horn section.
We spoke with Ed about the rehearsals and specially
about two songs I heard through the internet and recorded
Live by fans : One Way Street in Melbourne (a new/old version!!)
and Nights in Venice in Mt Buller.

Find it here


Mona said...

That is an interesting development!

bob nebe said...

yes its the sort of thing you couldn't make up if you tryed