Friday, February 13, 2009

The Saints - Foundry Stage, Cockatoo Island, Sydney ATP, 17 -01-09

There's one more ATP Saints performance I haven't found and
may not, which is the Sunday Sydney performance. This is the
Saturday night one and its a great set, all of the truely great
original Saints songs, I would have liked this set in Brisbane.
Missing the show stopping Nights in Venice however which
we did get.
So this may be the end of the ATP shows now,

All thanks to the taper crankingamps who has done
a superb job yet again.

01. This Perfect Day
02. One Way Street
03. Swing For The Crime
04. The Chameleon
05. No Time
06. A Minor Aversion
07. (I'm) Stranded
08. All Time Through Paradise
09. The Prisoner
10. Messin' With The Kid
11. Know Your Product

Download Here


Anonymous said...

rumour or true?

Fast Eddie to join the Bads Seeds?,1192.msg34021/topicseen.html#msg34021


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Steve
good to hear from you,
thats the first Ive heard of this and my first reaction was to laugh,
I can't see that happening myself.
But if you google
"Ed Kuepper has just been announced as joining Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds"
the first site you get is Annies wonderful Meltingpod.
You get to see the clowns steve?
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

No, but have been playing Crankingamps recording of Mt Buller every day for the last two weeks. Awesome, and Alistair Spence is a great addition.


Nikos said...

hi bob nikos from Greece calling.what a song the knife in the head by lauging clowns!is it possible to post last party if you have.

Dak said...

Awesome site Bob. I came across your blog while looking for Australia's best ever album, Frontline, which I now have once again, thankyou! Its getting a bit late right now but I will trawl through your site as soon as I get time, and I am looking forward to it. All the good people live in Brisbane ;)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks dak always happy to hear from fellow redgum fan,
So if all the good people live in Brisbane I assume you do to?