Saturday, February 21, 2009

German Schoolhouse - Robert Forster

I'm in a bit of a Robert mood at the moment, its a long
story and this boot is the ticket.
Its maybe the best Robert gig I've heard recorded,
with a wonderful selection of songs, including
"When people are dead" a song I would kill to see
live. Also the recording which is an acoustic sound
board, features Roberts wife Karin on violin.

Perhaps the song that best sums up my most
positive feelings at the moment is this one
who's lyrics are below.

Head Full of Steam - Robert Forster

I'd never met her type she ignored me and that's alright
Never to be friends or my body lie on her floor
Her father works
Her mother works in exports
But that's of no importance at all
I don't mind
I don't mind

To chase her
A fools dream
I'm 104 degrees
With a Head Full of Steam
All waitings up
I'm on that team
That says go forward
With a Head Full of Steam

She plays hard to get along with
But she might drop by
She never had a nickname
But then nor have I
I don't mind
I don't mind
To chase her
A fools dream
I'm 104 degrees
With a Head Full of Steam

All waitings up
I'm on that team
That says go forward
With a Head Full of Steam

Oh, I just want to know

I'd never met her type
She locked the door and the key
Opened the windows for the neighbours to see
Her climb on my knee
To chase her
A fools dream
I'm 104 degrees
With a Head Full of Steam

All waitings up
I'm on that team
That says go forward
With a Head Full of Steam
Go Forward
Go forward now
Go forward
Go forward now

Track List
01-a place to hide away
02-river people
03-if it rains
05-spirit of a vampyre
06-darlinghurt nights
07-when people are dead
08-surfing magizines
09-the house jack kerouac built
10-bow down
11-born to a family
12-german farmhouse
13-part company
14-ive been looking for somebody
15-head full of steam
16-quiet heart
17-when he lives my life

Robert Forster
Live in Haindling Nov 28, 2008

As many of you know Robert Forster spent a couple of years
in Bavaria
(drinking beer and smile from ear to ear),
in the town of Regensburg.
After having left the Go-Betweens
in 1990 he moved to Alteglofsheim,
a small village about
30 km away from Regensburg, living in a
"German Farmhouse"
with members of the local Band "Baby you know"

(A very much underrated band, in my opionion.)
The Band doesn't exist anymore, if you're lucky you may
get one of their
CDs on ebay or elsewhere.
Look out for "Clear Water".

One of the members of that band was Karin Bäumler,
who became Robert's wife.
So: After Robert's world tour 2008 he, Karin and
their kids stayed
here in Bavaria for a couple of weeks.
They lived in a house in the
village of "Haindling",
close to Geiselhöring, which is about 35 km
away from
Regensburg. (It is the same village after which the

German Band "Haindling" got their name from, by the way).
On November 28, Robert (and Karin on a couple of songs)
did a benefit concert in this very village in the
"Alte Hauptschule",
which means "Old schoolhouse"
(roughly translated).
This, of course, led to the title
"German Schoolhouse".

(Karin told me that Robert liked the title, so don't say
anything against it...)
Only fifty or so people found access to this
rather small
venue, which made it a very special show.

After the show I had the opportunity to talk to
Robert and Karin
for the first time:
Very, very friendly people, and both crazy
about music.
(People who LOVE music can't have a bad characater

anyway, can they?).
Robert told me that he already has written a

couple of songs since "The Evangelist" came out,
but has no plans
to record them in the near future.
One these new songs,
"Love is where it is",
was performed during the concert.

(Robert asked me not to upload this song, which is quite
Thank you Robert for allowing me to record the show,
thanks to Karin for the phone calls, and of course thanks to
Edi and Manfred at the soundboard for their technical support.

"Robert Forster in Haindling" was a benefit-Concert for an
organisation that supports children who develop cancer.
If you want to get information or even give a donation,
here is its domain:

Download Here


shishkin said...

yea, you've just got to love "head full of steam" - such a great song and a fantastic GOBs film clip too! I'm sure i've seen "when people are dead" live - maybe it was the Grant n Robert gig at the Tivoli in 99 or maybe it was when i saw the GOBs at the ANU Bar circa 87/8?? the memory is hazy - but i do remember a spectacular extended version of "river of money" from the ANU gig - and i do mean extended (very unusual for the GOBs - i think they were flying that nite) - but my fave Robert gig of all time was when he did the entire "from a country home" album at the powerhouse last year (or was that the year before??) - anyway it was magnificently played by a great band - and the most surreal Robert gig was his gig at the Andy Warhol exhibition at GOMA where he played Velvet Underground covers - now that, as a pure concept, was a mindfuck of stellar proportions and would have been worth travelling across the world to get to - but as it happens it happenned in my town and cost a mere $20 including entry to the warhol exhibition - freaking crazy eh?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Stop it Im jealous now, i went to get tickets for the goma gig and they were sold out. I wish I had of seen the country phone night as well, I saw the last 2 nights which were fantastic, but country phone remains my fav album of those solo ones.
So many great times I saw the Gobs its too much to talk about here, but never was I disappointed.
ciao bob

chuck said...

Vielen Dank!
nice upload bob, just finished listening to it and very pleased with yet another fine robert gig. Now if only robert would email me and invite fiddy other ppl to an intimate brisbane gig with just him and the wife, id be on another planet :) ; but still content to hear the gigs via the stripey sound gblog.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I think you have the perfect concept there Chuck.
I think I'd be on that other planet with you.

Anonymous said...


Oh that's so fine.
I tried to drive to Haindling, but
it was too difficult.
Here is a link from winterthur to get 40 sec ROCK AND ROLL FRIENDS.
You can use it. 0ce4c6477e0ab1eab3e9fa335ca76dc43e461514 77e

Thanks from germany


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Isn't the internet wonderful
Uli. ciao bob

topper said...

Any chance of getting Thought Criminals " speed madness...flying saucers ".

Thank you Bob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

no sorry no have it
someone else?

chuck said...

i dont have any thought criminals but check out
for bomber dload and page makes mention that thought criminals have a site with many free dloads
so u can piece together what speed madness lp would have contained (im guessing, dont have track list at hand)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

your the man =;>)

Meltingpod said...

Alte Hauptschule doesn't mean old schoolhouse...ahah ! but the secondary schools' categories are so complicated in Germany even for me from France, I understand Robert didn't want to enter in such details and kept his nice title...:)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

You are as always a wealth of information Annie,
thanks for that
ciao bob

hookfinger said...

Another stellar recording, and so nice of you to bring it to us Bob. Thank you!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Its a pleasure to share this fine recording with a fellow blogger as yourself, hookfinger.

Anonymous said...

Please, please could you upload this show again somewhere. I have met Robert Forster twice and found him to be that rare breed - a true gentleman. first time was in London when he did a show at my University and we talked about the Nick Drake album I had just bought and the second time in a bookshop in Hobart where I was attending an Antarctic related meeting and he was promoting the 10 Rules of Rock and Roll. Many thanks Richard

Bob said...

Back up Richard enjoy!

Zy said...

Just come to your wonderful site and would love to hear this Robert acoustic gig, but the links are all down again....If you're still there and are able to reactivate them I thank you very kindly!.... not many recorded versions of When People are Dead I would guess.....

Zy said...

Just come to your wonderful site and would love to hear this acoustic Robert gig. If you're still around and are able to reactivate the links I thank you very kindly....not often you can hear a live version of When People are Dead I would guess....

Bob Nebe said...

back up zy

Zy said...

God bless you and all who sail in you....!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Links are down again. An eternity of gratitude if you could "re-up" (again). Can't believe I've missed this.

Bob Nebe said...

back up