Monday, February 16, 2009

My Friend The Chocolate Cake - Queenscliff Music Festival

This is simply the best boot of this band I've heard.

Queenscliff Music Festival
November 24, 2007

FM radio broadcast

Though the audience on November 24 could not have known
it at the time, an historic event in Australian history was unfolding
even as My Friend The Chocolate Cake took to the Queenscliff stage.

It was the last day of John Howard's Liberal Australia, Kevin Rudd's
Labor government comprehensively winning power. And what
better way to welcome in the new than with the exhilarating strings,
wry humour
and soaring ballads of My Friend The Chocolate Cake.

Hope Csutoros, the original (and always stunningly chapeau'd)
violinist, has taken leave from her duties with the group to raise a family.

Her replacement, 21 years old and a virtual prodigy, is the beautiful
Xani Kolac who not only brings with her an astonishing level of
virtuosity, but whose vivacious personality has injected new enthusiasm
into the band.

Many of the songs performed in this show are from the latest
My Friend The Chocolate Cake album "Home Improvements".

Track List
01 Hymn To The Carnies
02 Weep
03 It's All In The Way
04 Let's Go Walk This Town
05 Vandorlo
06 A Midlife's Tale
07 Home Improvements
08 Forgotten Athletes of Persia
09 Pentecostal Girl
10 Weather Coast
11 Seek
12 I've Got A Plan
13 The Romp
14 Nanny's Farewell

My Friend The Chocolate Cake is:

David Bridie - lead vocals, piano
Helen Mountfort - cello, vocals
Xani Kolac - violin
Andrew Richardson - guitar, vocals
Andrew Carswell - mandolin, tin whistle
Dean Addison - bass, vocals
Greg Patten - drums, vocals

Download Here


Anonymous said...

hi. recently discovered your blog. nice work. lived in Australia for a year, years ago. discovered The Cruel Sea. love'em. any news and/or live recordings?

will be catching The Necks live here in a few days
cheers from Canada

Anonymous said...

can do alot better than the cruel sea, try nick cave.
cheers from ozzy

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

its all good boys, but im not the big cruel sea fan like the nick fan that i am.
you enjoy the necks i came so close to seeing em the other month
ciao bob

chuck said...

Tex is GOD spelt sideways :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Did you see Tex when he hosted rockwiz , damn he was funny

Mr. said...

Ya, I'm down with Nick and his boys but I still love the Cruel Sea. I have the live show from Queenscliff 2001 c/o the ABC. There must be some boots in someone's collection. Anyone know of any please get back to me.

cheers (again) from Canada

bazzil said...

This is great thanks for the chance to hear this!!!


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

enjoy my friend.
ciao bob