Monday, February 9, 2009

Spiritualized - ATP Brisbane 15-01-09

Here we are getting to the end of Chucks fantastic series,
only one to go. The last two aren't Australian of course
but rules are meant to be broken.
This is a great recording of an excellent performance.
I was really looking forward to seeing these guys and
they didn't disappoint. Like some kind of odd gospel
bank they fitted in when with the late afternoon vibe
before unleashing one of the best walls of sound I've
heard. With Jason Pierce reminding me more of
Peter Perrett than anyone else and some delicious
Guitar work they make for an enjoyable experience.
Guess I'm a convert. Thanks to Chuck again for his

Track List
01 you lie you cheat
02 shine light
03 soul on fire
04 walking with jesus
05 think i'm in love
06 lady gents floating space
07 come together
08 take me to the other side

Download Here


Mona said...

Bob/ I don't know if you have ever received a DMCA takedown notice from blogger. I have had a couple and this was for legal downloads from the archive. Anyway while trawling around the interwebbythingy today i noticed that it seems that a lot of Spiritualized posts have been taken down, this time via the American record bunch of aholes. mine were from the British based one.
They just seem so random and Chrisgoesrock has lost his entire new site that only replaced the old one last week!!!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Not yet, I've only been asked very nicely to take down posts from the actual artist who was trying to re-release his back catalog as his small, but well known Australian record label had paid him bugger all in royalties. I took em down , no probs. He had no problem with some other stuff of his here, both boots and official releases that he had no intention of releasing again. I hope that I'm explaining myself, I just had 3 bundies so I may be a bit vague, sorry.
Anyways so no big sticks from record companies yet, I'm sure a band like spirtualized may attract that kind of attention.
ciao bob