Monday, March 16, 2009

Adults Today

As part of the brilliant "Brisbane Sound" shows last year
this legendary band reformed and boy they were so good.
I like Glen and his unique style. His band from a couple
of years age Beachfield is bloody fantastic.
Of course anyone who can write a song as good as
Music is Crap deserves all the accolades coming their way.
Glen went on to play drums for the Go-Betweens mark two
and these days plays Guitar for Robert Forster's band.
If anyone has any of the legendary live recordings of this
band I would just love to hear for you

Adults Today came to life in 1995 when Glenn Thompson,
who up until then had been playing drums for COW and
Robert Forster, decided he wanted to play guitar and sing
his own songs. Glenn asked friends Dylan McCormack,
Trevor Ludlow and Nick Norton to join him and Adults Today
soon began performing at Brisbane's inner city night spots.
The band's short sets were optimistic but clumsy,
as Glenn struggled to sing and play guitar and especially to
do both simultaneously. But it wasn't all bad and some people
actually came to gigs regularly. (you know who you are).
In 1997 Adults Today ceased to exist when Glenn abandoned
it to join Dylan's brother's band Custard. Glenn took the song
he had written from that time "Music Is Crap"
and recorded it with Custard on their third album
We Have The Technology
Dylan, Trevor and Nick went on to play as Skippy one of
Brisbane's best late 90's outfits.

Track list
01 everything fades
02 examiner 12
03 music is crap

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