Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tism - great truckin' songs of the renaissance

Legend has it that on 2 December 1989 the place to be that night
was at the RNA showgrounds at that years Livid festival
That was the night that the Labor party threw of the shackles
of the National Party and finally won government here after
some 30 years in the wilderness. As the result became known
Tism, or This is serious mum took to the stage for a wild celebration.
It was one of the few Livids I missed and I regret it to this day.
To celebrate the re-election of the Labor party on the weekend
we have some Tism. Perhaps their greatest album, there's plenty
great songs here. Now be warned these guys are not your usual
thing, they are very funny, sometimes shocking, but never dull.
With songs like I'm Interested in apathy, Saturday Night Palsy,
or 40 Years - Then Death, you know your in for a wild ride.
If you haven't heard these guys they are worth the trouble,
unless your easily offended then I would recommend them.

I'm Interested in apathy - Tism

I know how to cheat at Tattslotto
I got a great idea for a song
I know the truth about Marylin Monroe
I can prove Einstein's theory wrong
But that's not what motivates me.
I'm interested in apathy.

I can predict mankind's fate
I know where there's oil in Bass Straight
All the deserts I could irrigate!
All the poor I could emancipate!
But none of this petty stuff for me.
I'm interested in apathy.

I've got the cure for all known disease
I know how to make money grow on trees
I know how to stop terrorism
I know one of the guys in TISM
Enough of this wretched pedantry.
I'm interested in apathy.

Here we are at the last verse.
I've lost interest.

Download Here

40 Years then death - Tism


John said...

Aaargh!TISM. Gotta love the sarcasm. :-)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No their serious John.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i think they are serious.

my mother thinks so , anyway.

Anonymous said...

they never did anything worthwhile and thier new band ROOT ain't much better.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Boy there's nothing like Tism to bring out the anonymous commentators.
Maybe its all members of the band

Anonymous said...

if they could write ..they probably would leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

go easy.. i was there when they played with the poppies and died preatty . they where mad

miceaton said...

hey bobby, i was at the following year with TISM headlining and also Mudhoney, Jack Frost, Died Pretty, Falling Joys, Xero, The Clouds. xero had gobie members. where u at this one?


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I think Tism were always a lot off fun live and i saw em a few times.
Micky I was there isnt that funny we didnt know each other then. So that at least 2 gigs we was both at.
I remember mudhoney, loved that song
"Touch me I'm sick"
Wouldn't you kill for that line up today

Duncan said...

That was the only Livid I ever made it to.

Many of my friends were there and, at about 20 years old, it was the first time any of us had voted. It really felt like a new generation had spoken. (Though I suspect I voted for some fringe politician on the basis that the Labor Party had already proved on the federal level that they were no more worthy of my trust than the incumbents).

I seem to recall The Clouds playing in the afternoon sunshine - heavenly! And one of the guys from Pop Will Eat Itself had a huge great cast on his leg, so spent most of their own gig sitting on a packing crate shouting through his megaphone.

That's the only time I ever saw TISM, too. Scary people down the front by that stage - most of my more gentle friends seem to have given up and gone home at that point.

And was there a big thunderstorm? Or was all the electrical activity in my brain?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Duncan great to hear from someone who was there finally.
Great story history in the making, oh and thunderstorms at livid happened a bit, it the time of year of course.I saw the clouds once play durning a hugh electrical storm and leave the stage when they were getting shocks up on stage