Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Sports Early Recordings ,Acetate. Recorded April 1977

"I just vaguely met people and dragged them into it.
I always wanted Andrew in the group as a guitarist
nd I had an idea for a rockabilly country sound.
But I always wanted to change it because I really
liked the MC5 and wanted to make it more like that as well."

Stephen Cummings

The Sports were one of the best bands to come out Melbourne
and one of the best from the 2nd half of the 70's full stop.
I loved this band and went on to follow the careers of both
Steven Cumming and Andrew Pendlebury.
This post could take me in many directions.
This 6 track demo, apart from being a rarity,
is also a wonderful recording of some nice songs.
A bit more rockabilly than the later stuff and all
the promise of the greatness of this band is there
in this first recording.

Track list
01 True Stories
02 When We Got To The Taxi Rank
03 In Trouble With The Girls
04 The Creature
05 Missing The Kissing
06 A Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache

These are early recordings made before signing a
recording contract and prior to the release of their
self published "Fair Game" EP.

Download Here


John said...

I caught The Sports supporting Graham Parker at Festival Hall a looooooog time ago. They were very good. So good that Parker even said so as he appeared on stage. IIRC he took them to the UK. A sadly under appreciated band by the public at large.

bob nebe said...

what a double John, always wanted to see graham parker.
I haven't seen steven cummings play ether which ihope to change one day,
I came very close once.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! you would'nt have the unlreleased rerecording they did of the 'Don't Throw Stones' album they did in London (the sessions that produced the OK UO EP) would you?

bob nebe said...

Sorry Dave didn't even know of this recording, anyone else.

Anonymous said...

One of the best live bands I've ever seen!

And the first two albums are fantastic!

Thank you so much for these treasures!

Big Ern xxx


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great work!

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bob nebe said...

Hey munju this looks great thanks

Anonymous said...

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