Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dave Warner - Halftime at the Football

Many thanks to John who has given us this wonderful
and rare little Gem. From 1981 released as a 12 " single
this is pure Dave Warner. Half time at the football is
a very funny track. At 6 minutes long its not quite the
classic Mugs Game is, but similar in theme.
Dave's familiar themes of suburban alienation, of girls,
sex and football. Also released on "Meanwhile in the Suburbs"
A mini album released in 1987.

Download Here


Mona said...

Bob have you had a chance to check out the Swedish danceband stuff at my blog. laughing so hard i didn't even notice the earthquake in Melbourne last night!
Funny stuff/ can keep you amused for hours!

bazzil said...

I have this on cassette but the original version of Half time at the football was on a 12' ep and was an excerpt from "the Victoria Tapes" recorded at Perth's Victoria Hotel in June 1977.
So have a listen.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Your the man Bazzil,
Thanks mate

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Mona that is some funny stuff and just a little bit scary.

the sweet spot diviner said...

uh yeah this is a good one pretty out there in non p.c. territory & musically at least more interesting than 'mugs game ' i reckon anyway . thankyou

Anonymous said...

Christ, I haven't heard this since RRR played it during their Grand Final broadcast some time in the 80s.

I looked for it for ages. My brother had the "Free Kicks" LP, but it wasn't on there, alas.

Brilliant blog.