Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Church - The Club, Melbourne 26-08-84.

One of the last things Glen did before leaving Brisbane for
the decidedly brighter lights of London, was to bring this
Cassette into the digital age for this blogs readers.
Its a rare recording and I doubt its been available on the
net before. They play some fantastic songs on this bootleg
and they play pretty fast. A great period from the Church
and they even play Unguarded Moment.
Thanks to Glen.

Track list
01 One Day
02 Electric Lash
03 Tear it All Away
04 Constant in Opal
05 Volumes
06 Just For You
07 It's No Reason
08 Month of Sundays
09 You Took
10 Shadow Cabinet
11 10000 Miles Away
12 When You Were Mine
13 Too Fast For You
14 Almost With You
15 Unguarded Moment
16 It's All Too Much
17 Is This Where You Live
18 An Interlude
19 Travel By Thought

Download Here


Tiger Tiger said...

Brilliant, this! Thank you.
Just saw The Church last Satdee and my oh my what a show! Hardest and rocking-est set I've seen them play. The new album "Untitled #23" is a beauty too (you'll dig it if you're fan of their later, stuff).

Anonymous said...

love this one - this is the soundtrack of my high school years -


Anonymous said...

just found a nice link from the church myspace page that shows the recent triffids gig in perth in high quality video free on the web... unfortunately the link isnt direct to stop ppl snarfing i guess.... if there are any artful dodgers in the audience who have a win mediaplayer grabber speak up now !!


goto the music section then the perth festival then triffids..
section 4 has the kilbey stuff with harvey on guitar !!

all hail the blog !!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

All hail the Blog!!
that must be you Chuck, great link to an awesome show
This show must come to Brisbane

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Somehow I lost this comment from Chuck.

this popped up today :D


the megaupload is dead but the rapidshare is still active

viva le blog !

chuck said...

u didnt misplace it... its over at the radio birdman post where it belongs :D

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Damn I'm looking in the wrong place again, I need to get more sleep