Monday, March 2, 2009

James Paterson - Rocky Joe / House of Steel. Unreleased Single

Readers of this blog should know who James is,
if you don't here's a short run down.
James was singer, songwriter and guitarist for legendary
Brisbane band JFK and the Cuban Crisis, writing some
of their best songs. After JFK called it a day James did
a lot of co-songwriting with David McComb of the Triffids.
Writing some dozen or so songs. He also masterminded the
brilliant Triffid related mini LP "Lawson Square Infirmary."
In 1988 James tried to get his new band Champagne Love
Garden up and running which brings us to this point in the
I can't help thinking how good a studio album would have
been at this point.

Rehearsal, Metro Theatre, Sydney, January 2008

In 1987, after my friends The Triffids made what I regard as
best album, Calenture, I came down with a serious case
of Calenture envy.
This prompted me to put together a cast of
friends to record in a 24-track
recording studio two of the
tracks from my Champagne Love Garden demos
Which you can find
The two songs, Rocky Joe and House of Steel, were recorded
with female
vocalist Zonda Donabauer, viola player
Neil Sanderson, second guitarist
Richard Farmer,
bassist Matthew from Sydney band Rabbit's Wedding,

and drummer James Hurst from the Perth band Chad's Tree.
The recordings, which I produced with assistance in the
stage from Colin Bloxsom, were initially
intended to be released as a single.

However, the project fell through after I was accepted into
university in
1988 and I decided to concentrated thereafter
on my studies.
The tracks were mixed by Nick Mainsbridge
in Sydney in 1988 and
digitised by Gary Devlin in Perth in 2009.

James Paterson

Download Here

Hamer Hall, Melbourne, January 29, 2009
Triffids with James.

You can watch the Triffids last show in Perth Here.
Its fantastic and I really hope it makes it to Brisbane.


Bobby said...

Wow, what a brilliant single. And never released!

Both songs have such a rich, timeless feel to them. A tip of the cap :)

Thanks so much to SSS and to James for making these available.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I agree and I think james would have put together a wonderful album