Friday, March 27, 2009

Stephen Cummings - Lovetown

"Lovetown will surely get Stephen Cummings to heaven" - Rolling Stone

This 1987 solo release from Stephen Cummings was his 3rd and when
he came into his own. Steven has had a long and brilliant solo career
and yet the big time always eluded him.
This album is a joy, a pop masterpiece, something you have to hear
to believe. Why he isn't acclaimed like say Paul Kelly is beyond me.
She set fire was a track released on one of Andrew Pendlebury's
brilliant solo albums which I shall move on to soon.
A fantastic song about a rather dark subject.

She Set Fire To The House

Steven Cummings/Andrew Pendlebury

I pushed the button
Somebody opened the door
Her name was Monika
And Monika was mine ever more
She said I can't be held responsible
For all the guilt in this world
Seven years is enough for any boy or girl

She set fire to the house
And watched it burn down to the ground

The house was in darkness
Monika made me insist
If you want to stay that's alright
But it's at your own risk
Keep your mouth shut
Keep it bottled up inside your head
Love is disappeared
Love is vanished all hope is dead

Chorus (x2)

Pretty flames
Illuminated the night
Monika's face was snow white
If she was ever unfaithful to me
Well I didn't notice

There are murders
That aren't murders
And they happen every single day
We break our promises
We find it hard to break away
Only Monika she left first
And in that cold clear dawn light
An empty can of kerosene
Helped that house of love burn down so bright

Chorus (x4)

Watched it burn down to the ground


01. Everybody Wants To Get To Heaven
But Nobody Wants To Die
02. Some Prayers Are Answered
03. If You Don't Want My Love
04. When Trouble Comes
05. Where Are You Going
06. My Willingness
07. You Jane
08. She Set Fire To The House
09. Push It Up All Fall Down
10. Viva Las Vegas

CD re-issue only:
11. Time To Kill
12. She Set Fire To The House (Electric)
13. Who Listens To The Radio ('89)
14. Last Round Up

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Penthe said...

How have I been living without Stephen Cumming all these years? I must immediately dash out and get this and A New Kind of Blue.

Thanks for the reminder.