Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Radio Birdman - From The Vault

Chuck has scanned this wonderful magazine from 1985 called
from the vault. There's 2, the first has a fantastic article on
the Birdman, including a family tree! The second another
article on the Hitmen. This of course follows on from the
Fun things post, as they were heavily influenced by
Radio Birdman. Very interesting stuff and worth the read.
Also included is a heap of Birdman links Chuck has put together.
I had the good fortune to see Radio Birdman play when they
first reformed and played that Big Day Out years ago.
Boy that was a great gig.
Check out Chucks fantastic Birdman links in the
comments, heaps of music.

Download Here


Unknown said...

wow that was a quick post :)

heres a heap of links ive got from gbloggers worth checking out

rapidshare link still current
password : geantvener


good quality same password

this blog has some nice gear to check out look at dead can dance vol1 -6 rares

this page has rock n roll soldiers in 2 parts lots of surface noise on this lp rip
rapidshare link still active no password


no pass needed


youtube footage link











http://lickmypussyeddievanhalen.blogspot.com/2008/08/birdman-has-landed.html sydney 2002 metro 23 may

new christs AMSTERDAM MELKWEG 19.06.88

same as garageland but with tour info and pics

and spend some money here

the best shop in the universe !!!

Comtessa d´Angeville said...

Oh, thanks for it!

I love Radio Birdman and the Hitmen. Some years ago I tattoed the Radio Birdman's logo on my arm.

(sorry, but my english is not too good, I know)

bob nebe said...

Quick and easy Chuck you did all the work.
Comtessa those links should keep you busy =:>)

Comtessa d´Angeville said...

thank U!

John said...

Cheers Chuck. All good stuff. That Dead Can Dance d/load has sure caught my attention.

Unknown said...

G'day All The Way From Lovely Nagano prefecture, Japan!,

Just stumbled across this blog, and am profoundly impressed! So much so that this is literally the first blog that I've ever signed up to!

Anyhow, very pleased, indeed, to see this Radio Birdman post! In a "kinda" related vein, though, are you aware of any Celibate Rifles live recordings that might be available somewhere online?

I myself have access to some (unreleased) Nick Cave stuff, if you know of anyone who might be interested.

"Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!",
And, Highly Impressed, To Say The Least,
Sean From Canada.

bob nebe said...

A Japanese reader, fantastic.
great to hear from you Sean,
I may have some rifles live I'd need to search the 300 gig of lossless live shows I have, I kind of remember one. Thanks for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what a cool post! And all those links too, pretty goddamn great, thanks guys! All this wonderful Aussie nostalgia makes me want to dig out my old issues of B-side...

bob nebe said...

Chucks so good at this he should have a blog too.
The world needs more Brisbane Blogs

Unknown said...

dig em out n scan em hank! b-side was a great mag that needs sharing.

my own blog ¿ couldnt be fucked with all the extra effort bob... prefer to just "chuck" some goodies to the good homes when i see em :)


bob nebe said...

Chuck away chuck

John said...

Agree Chuck. Bob's blog is the beez kneez and your contribution enhances it's already wonderful reputation with me.

How that for a crawl haa haa!

bob nebe said...

Hey John I'm happy to post anything you come up with, I know you do great reviews and stuff.
How about a Dead Can Dance review,
Anything you post elsewhere is welcome here

John said...

Geez Bob. I am humbled. You are more than welcome to grab my stuff and use it here if you think it is good enough.

bob nebe said...

It is and your more than welcome to send through your latest gig review or whatever, you have impeccable taste

John said...

Thanks. How do I get anything to you?

bob nebe said...

John, Email me at bnebe64@gmail.com.au

Unknown said...

this popped up today :D


the megaupload is dead but the rapidshare is still active

viva le blog !

Anonymous said...

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rftcbrmc said...

password for lickmypussyeddievanhalen.blogspot.com

DirtyDave07 said...

Hey there,great blog I'm glad i found you.......Also be sure to check out Deniz's personal blog http://deniztek.blogspot.com/ ,great memories and anecdotes.

Unknown said...

rftcbrmc said...

password for lickmypussyeddievanhalen.blogspot.com?

that blog got taken down sadly and the blog only remains for the author so no pass word is available. you can still grab some of the dlaods listed here if rapidshare hasnt timed them out.

Garageland said...

you find the list of uploads as a word document here:
November 22, 2009 4:08 AM

Anonymous said...

There's no point downloading anything on that list without a password to unRar the files with!

chuck said...

ahhh crap!

I forgot all those files were pass protected.. the real later ones I had trouble unlocking sometimes even with the pass :/ a dodgy version of winzip or winrar was usued to pack some I think.. ..You can get em but have to stuff about a bit

The pass more often than not was


one word from memory and some of the early posts may have used the password


also one word.

A big thanx to all the garageland posts.
Im not sure if the rapidshare links have stayed available from lack of use...
but worth a try

chuck said...

I think all the rapidshare stuff has disappeared..I just tried a few with no luck.. ..
some of the divshare stuff still works as@ today