Friday, March 13, 2009

Dave McCormack in solo acoustic mode at the Roxbury, circa 2001/02

I love me some Dave McCormack, he's so cool and isn't this a
brillant recording. Starting with "Since she started to ride"
a song Jonathan Richman started his brilliant Jonathan Goes
Country album with. I love Jonathan Richman, its a love affair
that goes back 25 years, Dave reminds me a lot of Jonathan.
Take his version of "I'll never fall in love again"

What do you get kiss a girl
You get enough germs to catch pneumonia
And when you do she'll never phone ya
Oh I'll never fall in love again

Not my person experience mind you , quite the
opposite, but funny.
Oh and a great cover of Robert Forster's
Circle. Dave has worked a lot with
Rob and played on his Calling From A Country
Phone album.
Do you think that top photo is real?
Boy that's funny

Track list
01 Since she started to ride
02 Anatomically Correct
03 Always Greener
04 Girls like that
05 One Day
06 I'll never fall in love again
07 Your Woman
08 Millionaire Adventurer Ballonist
09 The New Matthew
10 Apartment
11 Hello Pussycat
12 Dirty Jeans
13 Livin' Lavida Loca
14 The Circle

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Mona said...

AAAGH! Not SirJoh! Anyway I need your help with something. My latest post has Daevid Allen's (Gong) little skirmish at Woodford Fest last year. Any more details?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I'm a heading over now