Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Robert Forster and Grant McLennan - Studio 22, 27 May 1999

A wonderful recording of Robert Forster and Grant McLennan from
their 1999 tour to promote the release of Bellavista Terrace;
The Best of the Go-Betweens, taken from the ABC's Studio 22 show.
A beautiful recording of some of their finest in the acoustic tradition.
Many thanks to the most brilliant Chuck who has dragged this gem
from his archives.

I saw them play on this tour, it was a come back I didn't think I
would see at the time and of course it was only the start of a new

Track List
01 - Intro

02 - Magic In Here

03 - Head Full Of Steam

04 - Cattle & Cane

05 - Bachelor Kisses

06 - Baby Stones

07 - Love Goes On

08 - Lee Remick
09 - Outro

And how can resist an opportunity to post some lyrics
that I've been singing a lot lately.

Love Goes On - Grant McLennan
There's a cat in my alleyway

Dreaming of birds that are blue

Sometimes girl when I'm lonely

This is how I think about you

There are times that I want you

I want you so much I could bust

I know a thing about lovers
Lovers lie down in a trust

Love goes on anyway!

Love goes on anyway!

The people next door got their problems

They got things they can't name

I know a thing about lovers

Lovers don't feel any shame

Late at night with the lights down low

The candle burns to the end
I know a thing about darkness

Darkness ain't my friend

Love goes on anyway!

Love goes on anyway!

I'm gonna make you happy

I'm gonna spin you round

I'm gonna cut your strings

I put my foot flat down on the floor

I took it as far as I could

I took it down there to Sheridan Street

by the dark wood

Late at night when I want you

I lock you in my room

I know a thing about darkness

I know a thing about lovers
I know a thing about lovers

Lovers want the moon

Love goes on anyway!
Love goes on anyway!

Download Here


Anonymous said...

A wonderful song Bob, thank you

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I just knew you'd like it
ciao bob

Mona said...

Remember watching this on TV.
'Comrade' Mona

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Chuck has some more of these little beauties

topper said...

Hi Bob,

Are you known of the Rocks "youre so boring" cd ?

Do you have it maybe ? and is it possible to put it in youre blog


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Sorry Topper I haven't, maybe some one else

AC said...

Thanks a lot for this

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for sharing this.

Frank said...

Hello Bob, last week my harddrive crashed and for some reason I didn't have a backup of this great, lovely show. I found the link to your blog in my favourites, but the download is long gone. Is there any chance of a re-up? Missing the greatest version of "Lee Remick"... greetings from germany, Frank