Friday, October 2, 2009

Custard to reform for a Brissy show and Dave McCormack and the Polaroids at the Sounds of Spring Festival

"I have Powderfinger on my iPod,
I run to some Powderfinger songs
and I'm less familiar with Custard's work
but I know they are a band that's enjoyed
a good reputation"

Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh

Custard will reform for one show only in their hometown of Brisbane
in December. The Dave McCormack-helmed outfit, who split in 1999,
have been invited to perform at a Q150 Proclamation Day concert at
the City Botanic Gardens on December 10. The event, which
celebrates 150 years since Queensland was declared a separate
colony to NSW, has been curated by Powderfinger, who convinced
Custard’s “most popular” incarnation to reform for the show.
Other acts performing include local up-and-comers The Cairos,
The Middle East and Yves Klein Blue.

Yes its true, the fabulous Custard are playing a one off show
this December. One of the funnest bands I have ever seen.
Daves got a new album coming too, so theres a bit of activity
in the McCormack camp, which is great news.
I'm excited to have found a recording of Dave McCormack
and the Polaroids playing the Sounds of Spring Festival at
the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane last weekend,
Sep 26th 09.
He plays quite a bit of Custard.
Thanks Chris for the heads up on this important gig.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob!

DMc's The Sounds of Spring is the perfect way to start my winter.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Your welocome chris,
fancy winter starting,
its suppose to be spring here
and its looking like being 30 degs

Darragh said...

I will definitely be at this gig to catch Custard. Unfortunately I will probably have to contend with the billion other people there for Powderfinger. But thats the price I pay for being an elitist music snob, isn't it? :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Oh yes bloody powerfinger, anyone would think they wer headlining

mialee said...

Are you still checking dimeadozen...

JANUARY 27, 1996

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

thanks mialee for the headsup

GraemeSTL said...

Never mind custard, do you have FRUIT LOOP City by I Spit On Your GRAVY???

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

sorry graemestl,
I don't,
anyone else?