Monday, December 28, 2009

The Apartments - The Goodbye Train (Live)

Donat's been busy converting, uploading , sharing,
all that good stuff.
Heres the first song of the first time the Apartments
played in Peters home town in 30 years.
Its fantastic of course. I didn't know Drift had sold
only 300 copies in Australia, that makes my copy
rather special. Now go and buy anything by this
band you can find, but first lets hear from Donat.
Thanks Donat!

Opening song from the band's triumphant return to Brisbane.

Peter Milton Walsh - vocals, guitar
John Willsteed - bass
Eliot Fish - guitar
Gene Maynard - drums
Jeff Crawley - trumpet
George Bibikos - piano

Live at the Troubadour,
Brisbane; Friday June 22, 2007.

This is also the opening song from
(my favourite Apartments album)
Drift, voted #19 in French music magazine
Les Rockuptibles album of the year in 1993
and #7 in the reader's choice award of that year.
Drift reputedly sold 300 copies in Australia.


Anonymous said...

Well I bought one too - let's track down the other 298 people who acquired this fantastic record! As Kim Salmon would say, 'we are the elite'! I'm surprised Drift didn't sell better in Melbourne, at least, where Peter got a great write-up in the Age and the wonderful interview he did with ex-Triple Zeder Tony Biggs on RRR must have alerted more than a few that a very special record was out and about. I got mine from Forges of Footscray, a very unlikely location. Forges was/is a big discount store (great for socks'n'jocks...) but it also had a music section that carried all sorts of treasures, like when Exposure Records of Kew went bust in '92 or '93. The Forges music guy bought up all their liquidated stock and man, did I score! The Go-Betweens 7" 'I Need Two Heads' for $5 was just the start. The world was a better place before ebay!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

nothing better than finding something like the Gobs i need two heads, I brought my copy of that when it came out from rocking horse,
talking of finding bargins I found a copy of the apartments , The Evening Visits...and Stays For Years at a Spring hill fair in the late 80's.
It was my introduction the a band I had only heard about untill then.
It became my favorite ablum ever. Mind you drift is very good too