Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Zip Too - Cassette and Booklet

The second in the Zip series, Zip Too.
20 pages in the booklet, 45 minites of fantastic music
and 6 large hand silkscreened prints.
Only 400 copies and released in August 1983.
Thanks again Chuck for this wonderful
Striped Sunlight Christmas present.

Track List
a1-john-e xero - norman
a2-matt mawson - post pop panic
a3-irena xero - lithuanian song
a4-john-e xero - dreaming of midgets
a5-irena xero - degenerate mould
a6-tim gruchy/gary warner - slowdown
b1-matt mawson - wipe it out
b2-john-e xero - tender joy
b3-tim gruchy/terry murphy/gary warner - theory of helminivity
b4-terry murphy/tim gruchy/matt mawson-psycho - acoustica
b5-john-e xero - the living egg
b6-john-e xero - theme from the living egg
b7-matt mawson - find the line
b8-matt mawson - loose talk
b9-tim gruchy/david patterson - a gamelon
b10-tim gruchy/terry murphy/linda wallace - candy

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nal said...

Please reupload

nal said...

Sorry guys, the last entry was a test run as my laptop is playing up and probably full of settings that I have no clue on. I have only recently heard 'Lithuania Song'by Irena Xero. This has finally led me to you and this site. Can you please ask the contributor of this rare series 'Zip'to reupload and reintroduce us all to these masterpieces of experimental gold. I'm blown that your site had the entire series to share but I've come too late as all the links are old like me. I'm not dead yet but would love to hear these precious artists before i depart this mortal coil. I cannot believe that I've only found your site in my twilight years. Please please please kindly ask Chuck and Bob to consider digging out the archives and once more sharing these gems.
Kindest Regards for even reading this plea.