Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Zip Too - Cassette and Booklet

The second in the Zip series, Zip Too.
20 pages in the booklet, 45 minites of fantastic music
and 6 large hand silkscreened prints.
Only 400 copies and released in August 1983.
Thanks again Chuck for this wonderful
Striped Sunlight Christmas present.

Track List
a1-john-e xero - norman
a2-matt mawson - post pop panic
a3-irena xero - lithuanian song
a4-john-e xero - dreaming of midgets
a5-irena xero - degenerate mould
a6-tim gruchy/gary warner - slowdown
b1-matt mawson - wipe it out
b2-john-e xero - tender joy
b3-tim gruchy/terry murphy/gary warner - theory of helminivity
b4-terry murphy/tim gruchy/matt mawson-psycho - acoustica
b5-john-e xero - the living egg
b6-john-e xero - theme from the living egg
b7-matt mawson - find the line
b8-matt mawson - loose talk
b9-tim gruchy/david patterson - a gamelon
b10-tim gruchy/terry murphy/linda wallace - candy

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