Monday, December 14, 2009

Jack Frost - Snow Job

A request from Chuck brings us to Snow Job,
Jack Frosts 2nd album.
Brilliant stuff of course, more rocky than the first.
Steve Kilbey has an extraordinary blog and posted
on Grant and Jack Frost.The whole blog is here
It has some fasinating insights into Grant like these.

when i first met him grant said he had
thousands of songtitles ready to go
i asked him for a couple
the first title he said was birdowner
we wrote this about a witch who turns men into birds
we wrote all the lyrics together
in a park in balmain one cold morning
on a bench smoking a spliff

And this

making this record wassa sheer delight
grant n i were equals in every way
he laughed at my gothic dark side
i laughed at his country boy romantic side
we steered a course right down the middle
pulled each other into a new place
this record is one of the best records ever made
you wont find more personal poignant love songs in rock
sweeping windswept landscapes
anger, jealousy, memories
grant was my dearest friend
a real gentleman
i wouldnt say so if it wasnt true
there was no one else on the planet
who i wanted to work with more
he taught me a lot about songs
and songwriting
it was a fking privelege to work with him
i loved this man
i will play providence and other jack f songs
till the day i day
and i hope that when i get to fking heaven
grant is waiting for me
his guitar strapped on
"now, steven, are ya ready for our third album

Track list
01. Jack Frost Blues
02. Aviatrix
03. Running from the Body
04. Shakedown
05. You Don't Know
06. Weightless and Wild
07. Pony Express
08. Cousin/Angel
09. Little Song
10. Empire
11. Angela Carter
12. Haze
13. Dry Dock

Download Here


jozz said...

Bob you have done it yet again. I had always wondered about the Jack Fost albums but never had the opportunity to hear them. So thanks for that opportunity. Love the blog

back to the oldies said...

Is it possible to re up, please ?

Thanks a lot and happy new year

Bob said...

Sorry i cant find these files