Thursday, December 24, 2009

Razar : young fast & non-boring / Queensland Performing Arts Centre Museum.

"I know you kids... I heard you swearing...
I'm putting you awayyyyyyyyyy "

Task Force, 1978, Razar

Razar were one of the greatest examples of Brisbane punk,
they were there soon as the Saints had left town, contemparies
with the likes of the Leftovers, Go-Betweens, Apartments and
Riptides. Had put out there seminal single "Task Force" in 78
another ep in 79, then burnt out.

There was a reformation gig then this.
This booklet was released as part of an exhibition at
the Queensland Performing Arts Centre Museumin 2004.
Its a fantastic 60 page book with plenty of great photos
and information, Ken has scanned and uploaded this for
us and just in time for Christmas!
Thanks Ken.

Download Qpac Catalogue Here

Download Razar Qpac Press Release Here

Thanks to Chuck for the press release and
reunion flyer scan