Thursday, December 24, 2009

Razar - The Recordings

Here's the music, only 6 tracks from one single and one ep.
I bought the Task Force single at a 4ZzZ market day some
time way back, they were flogging them off at $5 a copy.
Expensive back then but I'm glad I got one!
Razar's ode to the Brisbane police special unit created to
deal with the Punk rock menace has that special Brisbane
feel to it like only songs like I'm Stranded or Pig City have.
The first gig I went to was the 1982 Cloudland Clash concert
considered by many as the high water mark of punk culture
here. The police presence and the violence that night are
something I remember still. Brisbane was a different place
when I was 17

01 - Money
02 - Stamp out disco
03 - Self destruct
04 - Task force
05 - Shutdown countdown
06 - Here is the news

Download Here


bazzil said...

Hey! I picked up mine at one of those market days too. Down in the car park at UQ.

Duncan said...

I got the EP at one of those market days too. I think I paid as much as five dollars for it!

This must have been the first market day I went to - also picked up a cravat and a brown waistcoat. I don't think I ever wore the cravat, but that waistcoat got me through the cold of a Brissie winter after growing up in the tropics.

Great to hear "Stamp Out Disco"!

Graham said...

Hi Bob
Been looking for these for awhile. Can you re-upload the links. Thanks Graham

Bob said...

back up