Saturday, December 19, 2009

Zip Start Cassette and Booklet 1st Issue

A very exciting post and just in time for Christmas.

Chuck has embarked on his most ambitious project
yet, to scan and rip the Zip Start cassette booklets.
Created in Brisbane in the early 80's, the Zip
project was a visual arts, experimental music
collaboration that was released in extremely limited
edition. This first issue numbered a mere 2oo copies
and of those only 100 had a cassette.

A 16 page booklet with 4 postcards, colour work
was all screen printed. Both John and Irena of
Xero were part of the project as well as others
whom I'm not familar with.
John has a long history of art/music of which this
is some of the finest examples.
Can't wait for the rest

But lets hear from Chuck,

The first of four zip projects.
The first 3 were cassettes with the final being
a four track 7inch ep with book

Lucky I have all 4 but i cant scan zip 4 as the binding of the book
prevents folding the pages flat for the scanner.
next 3 coming soon.... when i find the time for scanning :)

Track List
a1- Johnny Xero - El Dia De Muerto
a2- Irena Xero - Lady On The Train
a3- Matt Mawson - Is This Me
a4- Jaque Hammer - Tim Gruchy & Terry Murphy
a5- Tim Gruchy & Terry Murphy - Once Removed
b1- Matt Mawson - Open The Goddam Door
b2- Johnny Xero - Stunde Hinter Mitternacht
b3- Matt Mawson - Spanner-Eye Theme
b4- Tim Gruchy & Matt Mawson - Fast Eludes Me Pop

Download Zip Start Cassette and Booklet 1 Here


bazzil said...

Ive got the 7inch single (Number 3 I think), I remember these well. The brother inlaw has an old Dobie Gillis Experience tape hanging around too.

Good stuff


chuck said...

(number 4 i think} :) number 3 tape coming soon when i can scan some more... you should check out this gr8 site called prehistoric sounds.. it has the art for vol 3 and 4.. the link if your interested is over that way ------}}


the dobie gillis tape sounds good if u can coerce the bro-in-law for a rip :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Did you just tell bazzil to check out his own blog chuck
2nd the dobie gillis tape

chuck said...


i blame the alcohol.. hiccup

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

lol, easy on young fellow

Mona said...

LOL and indeed *hic*

Donat said...

I've got the Dobie Gillis Experience cassette and booklet, housed in a plastic zip bag. 82/83 was a time when Brisbane cassettes housed in unconventional packages was the go. I think Cubbyhouse started this trend off with The Pits Go Home. Once I'm on holidays, I'll post up the cassette for the world to share. It's an interesting curio in the sense that it was one of Roger Norris's (of Plug Uglies fame) first bands. Terribly dated, but then again so were ZIP. The ZIP EYE EAR 7" from 1986 (or so) would be the pick of the bunch as far as their musical releases went.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Fantastic Donat
look forward to that

chuck said...

Chuck asks the metaphysical question of "what is musical"

musical in relation to sounds is subjective.. except death metal and new country...god i hate that shit..
im not trying to stick it to you Donat or your deserved opinions..this is just a collection of alcohol driven thoughts leaking out my fingers...

In the last few weeks that ive been ripping these tracks ive listened intently and often and disagree with the "musicality" of ZIPs according to Donat's post.
I quite often hear splashes of eno.. early human league/ heaven 17, some of the more minimal radiohead...krautrock... if john-e went castrato (thankfully he didnt.. and DONT TRY THIS AT HOME KIDDIES!) you might even hear some sigur ros albiet at 3 mins not 20min songs...

the eqiupment of the time had an inherent sound quality that sounds a bit dated today-- those handclaps for one-- and the mostly four track and cassette machines used have a "lo-fi" philoshophy, that some ppl still chase today.. you almost needed to be a computer scientist to programme a synth in the early eighties.. and bouncing tracks on a four track machine was limited and quality costly.. (no undo button and that dang hiss!)...but all of this demands a decision making process throughout production that is deliberate/ thoughtful with the end outcome being "musical".. somewhat experimental in most of these cases. and they can draw too! and they can dance !!!

therefore the early ZIP projects are the more exciting for me, or just as exciting.

I find this light years away from the kids of today who are hitting a torrent site- grabing a crack/ bug ridden copy of reason (maybe even cubase for the adventerous) and tweaking a few menus "till yer bored". the 2040 reflective stance on todays music - but i guess thats dj's and not musicians im thinking of.. i digress...

these early Zips have got me back into the M² recordings of that era that bob recently re-upped

and has me trawling through the fantasytic mutant sounds blog

ps ive just deleted my reason app and dug out the ol teac 3440!
viva le blog!

Day vid said...

it was fun

a long time ago

a bit quaint really

still - we're all young once ;•)

david patterson