Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pork Zines 1 and 2

More Brisbane musical history from Chuck,
2 magazines from the band pork, full of
interesting stuff and 16 pages long!

Lets hear from Chuck.

This is a zine from the pork ppl
I dont have any more pork than already posted on the
recent cassette posts, but i do have a post pork project
by Paul Newsome called "The he dark age"

Also have porker issue 2 ill send over later..
has a great indepth interview with john-e xero..
willsteed is listed as playing with pork in
"who's who aust. rock"

This also is a massive 16 pages of fasinating stuff,
the interview with John is great.
The photo below looks like the stage at this venue
in the valley whos name escapes me.
I remember seeing Xero there such a long time ago.
Maybe it was the same gig .
Thanks yet again Chuck

Download Pork Zine 1 Here
Download Pork Zine 2 Here




Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Yes thats it John, I saw zero but Id
gone there to see the support because Coggee was in it adn a fellow I went through high school with was drumming, a mr walker.
It was a long time ago and I think the band was called final entrance,
short lived band I think.
Cant remember what the venue was called

willsteed said...

amyl's nightspace . . . .

willsteed said...

i was wrong: x-roads!! amyl's was across the road maybe at the national . . .

Bob said...

That's right you had to walk down the stairs, small venue