Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dream Poppies - Self Titled Cassette

Another wonderful Brisbane band The Dream Poppies
and their self titled cassette.
Liberated to the wilds of the internet from Chucks
music vault, these guys played the 1994 livid,
the one the Beastie Boys headlined.
Thanks again for the rip and scan Chuck.

Download here


Anonymous said...

Another much under-rated band. I just loved Muckin' Around, Nine Lives, Bucket, Sleep & Skin.

Anonymous said...

These gilrs rocked!!!

Raga said...

Any chance for a reup of this Bob?

Slowly digging through some of the Brisbane bands of the day, and would love to get any recordings from Dream Poppies, Sleeplifter, and Indigo Husk's first release.

Cheers mate.