Saturday, December 19, 2009

The He Dark Age - The Dog's Breakfast

The post Pork project by Paul Newsome called
The He Dark Age as promised from Chuck and
his incredible musical archive.
Rare and as often the case here never seen
before on the net.
Thanks Chuck.

Track list
a1-science & technologhy
a2-let the brakes off
a3-holding out for eden
a4-lean baby lean(x20)
a5-the master
b1-sad amphibians
b2-grieve not for me oh adrienne
b3-jesus didnt beat him over the head
b4-japanese tourist lost in brisbane
b5-the frame

Download Here

The He Dark Age - The Frame
A post-punk experimental (partially) Brisbane band from
1986 to 1990 taken from their VHS As Far As Legs Will Carry.

The video features clips from each track on their sole LP
The Dog's Breakfast, a live show from 19/7/90 with the
band supporting Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the
UQ Refectory, and various short videos.

THE HE DARK AGE is a collaboration between
Paul Newsome and Tony Milner, who've come from a
long line of Brisbane groups dating back to the late
1970s ie: the Swell Guys, No-V-Bleet, Pork, the Sump,
2 Stroke Poke, Smoothage, the Plug Uglies, In My Skin,
Machines That Walk, Xero and countless more.

Thanks Donat for the video and information


Donat Tahiraj said...

Chuck's really coming across with the goods. I'll spare the anecdotes, and plug my video post for THDA which I've kindly placed on the 'tube. Feel free to post this onto your site.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hey thanks Donat, No luck with the small world experience stuff you were asking about however

chuck said...

nice bit of video Donat , thanks for the post.

I was at the nick cave gig 1990 mentioned so i guess i saw the he dark age support although i have no memory of them... :/
I do remember nick being a little less than expectations sadly and put me off seeing him again live until last years fantastic ATP set.

Ive sent Bob an after party handbill for nick gig for shits n giggles.. sadly no concert handbill.. no mention THDA but may be of interest to you Donat.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, spotted this a while ago and I loved "gentlemen" but sadly all links are down (zshare doesn`t open for some reason).
So, if you could re-upload this, that would be totally awesome.

Cheers from another planet :)

Bob said...

Back up