Friday, February 22, 2008

The Cloulds - Penny Century

The Clouds are one of Australia's great overlooked bands from the
1990's. One of my favorite live acts of the time,
I saw them numerous times, mainly cause they loved a Livid festival.
Once they were playing in the Livid big top when this huge storm
stuck and they had to abandon playing for a while cause they were
getting electric shocks on stage.
I also saw them play support for the great Stan Ridgway one time,
which was a memorable show all round.They came on of Sydney,
having formed late 1989, the core of the group was
Jody Phillis (vocals, guitar) and Patrica Young( vocals, bass),
with several different fellows on guitar and drums over the years.
Their trademark sound is the vocal harmonies of the girls, which are
really something wonderful.
In late 2005, Phillis and Young resurrected their band under the name
The Girls From The Clouds, launching a 5-track EP titled LaLaLaLa,
In April 2007, however, the duo announced they had disbanded again.
This is their first album, released in 1991 and remains my favorite.
Incidentally Chris Abrahams plays organ on the track "Too Cool."
If you haven't heard these guys and you like indi pop with girl
vocals, download this cause you'll love it.
"Show Me" track 8 is incredible, gives me goosebumps to this day
and this is one of the greatest albums to come out of Australia.
If anyones got any clouds stories I'd love to hear them, or the
Girls from the clouds Ep.

Show Me - The Clouds

Show me where is center is
The center of your universe
I'll put a hole in it
If I could get in your head
I could open some doors
Maybe clear the cobwebs
Shed some light
Show me where the borders are
The boundaries of your consciousness
I'll reach them
Tear them down
And you won't have those limits anymore

Download Here


Tom said...

You little rippa! (no pun intended) Thanks so much, I lost this album years ago and have been looking for a copy ever since.

bob nebe said...

No problem, its a fantastic album
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hey, very late to respond to this post.

The Clouds are so dear to my heart, one of the first bands I truly adored in my teenage years (yeah, I missed all the good stuff in hte 70/80s, I'm a child of the early 90s).
The only time I saw The Clouds was on their final run of shows at an instore performance in 95 (I think) at the newly-opened HMV on the Sunshine Coast).

I posted a whole mess of Clouds stuff on the (sadly) now-defunct Mad Parade blog, so check it out for hard-to-get Eps and such. A really remarkable band.

Girls From The Clouds are/were great too. I saw them play at the Troubadour (just before moving to Melbourne) and they played a lot of old great Clouds stuff (with the amazing Tim Oxley on skins duties).

There are some really amazing songs on the pre-Penny Century Eps and Octopus/Panel Van/Aquamarine releases.

Jodi's solo records are wonderful too (as is her new-ish outfit with hubby Tim).

Robert L.

bob nebe said...

Thanks Robert L, they were a fantastic band and quite unknown by the youth of today. If you have any of Jodie's solo later stuff I'd love to here it or the girls from the clouds stuff.I have, I think, all the
original clouds material.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. I still can't believe The Clouds were written off when they attempted to break into the UK market. Me - also a child of '91 Melbourne Uni days and nights with the lasses from The Clouds. I still remember seeing them promoting the Cloud Factory EP , then the tremendous Loot follow up. Penny Century must be a decent crack at top 10 all time Aus Rock. But that's just my opinion.

Show Me - I got the goose pimples too.

Jon M

Anonymous said...

hi bob, it looks like I'm coming across this blog waaaay too late, the download is no longer active. I've been looking for this great album forever, any chance of a repost at all?

Anonymous said...

Oh gawd, I played this album to death back in the day. Loved it to bits. Is anyone able to reupload it? The link seems to have self destructed.

Anonymous said...

hey i found penny century, plus another EP, if anyone else is after it. the link is still good.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Thanks a million, I really appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Thank you Case!