Thursday, February 14, 2008

Woodford Folk Festival

Penelope Swales

Shane Howard

Archie Roach
Ruby Hunter

Neil Murray

The Wood ford Folk Festival looms large
in my musical consciousness, before I had kids
(7 years ago) I attended every year for 10 years,
from the 3rd festival in 1990 till 99/2000.
It started at Maleny in easter 1987 for 3 days.
They say there was round 800 people
in attendance,
by 92/93 the 8th festival,
(which after the first one was held
after Christmas till new years day),
it was obvious they had to move after
attendance had grown to 65,000.
So they purchased 320 acres of land that became the Woodford site.
The attendance last year was round the
130,000 mark, with 2500 performers
making it the largest folk festival in the southern hemisphere.
Woodford is about 45mins drive north of where I live near Brisbane
which means I should go more often these days.
The grand finale of the whole festival
is the fire event with is a kind of hippy
extravaganza with a cast of 100's.
I've dug around the boxes of photos we have, to share a few of
the artists I've blogged here and a few of the festival.

Me and the fire event