Saturday, February 16, 2008

Laughing Clowns - Law of Nature

The clowns started around 1979 and ended round 1985
with the release of "Ghosts of an ideal wife"
"Law of Nature" was released the year before
and is argumentably their greatest Lp.
Originally released as a 9-track LP in 1984.
That edition was quickly withdrawn and replaced by the 10-track
version with the same catalogue number. I have the 9 track record,
it was re-released in 1991 on Cd, which this rip comes from.
The Clowns were at this stage area formidable band,
with Jeffery Wegener on drums and Peter Milton Walsh on bass
we have an amazing percussion section, add to that the legend
Chris Abrahams on piano and Ed on Guitar/vocals,
you know its going to be something special.
This album contains many long and intriguing tracks,
but the standout is the incredible "Eternally Yours"

Eternally Yours - Ed Kuepper

I see the light that shines on you
I see the legend you see it too
I see the reasons why you hold your point of view
And with your split personality
I'd thought you'd show independence there
But not quite so when there was room for everyone
You see the knife you feel the pain
I've heard it time and time again
These must be times
Not hit but missed an empty kiss
I've seen the leisure that suits you
I know your reason your point of view
There must be more
That you could do
When your loves in vain

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Radu said...

Hi Bob,

thnx for the link... just added yours to my bloglist. To quote Pink Flyd, "Welcome to the machine":)


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Radu for the link on your blog one of the best on the net
ciao bob

Overhere said...

Great posts today Bob - thanks a million

stan said...

Hey, thanks. Side one accompanied me to work this morning; side two got me through my lunchtime walk. It's impossible to imagine the album without "Possessions": I wonder what happened? Was it accidentally left off the original pressings?

Which is the better of the last two Clowns albums depends on which one I'm listening to at the time. And I listen to them both quite a lot. (Both of them just seem to get better, and sound more relevant, the more they age; surely a reassessment can't be too far away? If "Quasimodo's Dream" (which I love unreservedly) can be voted one of the ten greatest Australian songs, can "Eternally Yours" be far behind?) I think I lean towards "Ghosts of an Ideal Wife", possibly because it works so well as a bridge between the Clowns and Ed's subsequent solo work (especially "Electrical Storm", which he almost must have been working on at the same time, or at least thinking about).

As for seeing them live, it was during the 1984 tour (strangely, referred to on the back cover of my copy of "Law of Nature"), at Melbourne University. It is way too far in the past for me to remember anything specific about it, except the overwhelming impression that I was watching a train wreck about to happen; they were great, incendiary even, but there was so much tension on stage that you wouldn't have been surprised to see a fight break out up there. Somehow they got through the gig, but I wasn't at all surprised to hear some time later that they had broken up. I was, however, surprised by the appearance of "Ghosts of an Ideal Wife", and even more surprised by how good it was given what must have been the circumstances of its making.

Oh, and I bought my copy of Mr Udditch-Schmudditch 15 or so years ago for the exhorbitant price of $30 from the now-defunct Au Go Go records in Melbourne. It was then the only copy I had ever seen, and I haven't seen another copy since.

cheers stan

stan said...

[which possibly explains my inability to spell "Uddich-Schmuddich" correctly ...]

By the way, speaking of Chris Abrahams I am off to see The Necks playing in Canberra tomorrow night. I have never seen them play live, not for want of trying, but this time nothing can stand in my way. Their tour bus will probably break down or something.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Chris is playing here on Friday night at Andy Warhol up late, which would be nice, eds playing on the 7th of march. Ether would be nice but its so hard to get into the city that early on a friday night.
The necks will be brilliant.
ciao bob

mouapp said...

gotta say thanks for all the laughing clowns and ed kuepper albums youve got up on this blog, but this particular link has gone down

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Back up mouapp

Anonymous said...

I know I'M veeery late but can your Re Up this File.

Bob said...

Back up again!