Saturday, February 2, 2008

Not Drowning Waving - A Little Desert

Sometimes an album comes round thats more than just
music, that is an artistic statement that is in a league of
its own. Thats this record.
Not Drowning Waving's 2nd Lp is beautiful, evoking the
landscape of Australia like nothing before.
Recorded in a church in Elsternwick, using samples
and field recordings I remember being stunned by this
album when I first heard it.
Add to that the beautiful way in which it was packaged,
and the talent that is evident throughout.
The cover is made from what appears to be recycled
cardboard and is one of my favorite covers ever.
Mostly instrumental, the few songs with lyrics
are like landscape portraits, made with a few brush
strokes, in a very understated fashion.

Old Wobbly man.

"Sit in my wooden box and feel the edges damp and rough
the rain that falls upon the roof is leaking down my back.
Everyone inside their rooms but no one wants to play
the words with which we made up things aren't working any more.
An open space where no one lives we are strangers in this land.
In the wet season on a light blue sky and then no more.
I heard the old wobbly man say one by one we drop hey hey
and all that�s good will drift away like the waters down. "

The Same Heat.

And it's the same heat out there, Dry and old boulders in the weather.
And then the wind buffets the skin The red earth, the spinifex and Bill
That's all there is everyway he looks that's all there is.
If you walk upon this road, even if you walk for days and days and days
You�d be waiting for the red dust sun, To slowly take you away. A rusty tin hiding place
And there's red eyes everywhere. Little desert with a wood and wind parade.
There's lots of heavy drink out there. Dry and old boulders in the weather.
And nothing else can save the dog's bones From breaking up and rolling away
Until they turn into red dust�


The dying wheat and buggered ground, They whipped it 'til it cracked and broke,
On the half shut people in the half shut town, Then it all came down, rain and
tears all around.
The dark clouds gathered over head, They gathered 'til they cracked and broke,
On the half shut people in the half shut town, Then it all came down, rain and
tears all around.
The waters are warm. The winters are warm.
When we can only trust, the very closest hand. We walk tired,
we walk tired it seems.
Away from the breathing, a normal desire.

As you see lyrics are wonderfully poetic and add to the beauty.
This is a rip from my vinyl copy, the album was re released
and digitally remastered.

Download Here


mialee said...

Just letting you know of a current torrent on dimeadozen if you can access it: DAVID BRIDIE & STEVE KILBEY Friday 28th September 2007
The Toff in Town, Melbourne.
Good sounding show worth listening to..

bob nebe said...

Thanks mialee for the heads up, I'e got a dimeadozen account and I picked up that show.Its amazing what shows up there and I've nearly downloaded 300 gig of shows from them.Fantastic site
ciao bob

bazzil said...

The re-released version of this LP has a different track list and does not include the original versions of a couple of tracks.
I picked it up years ago and I was expecting a full remastered copy of the original.
I was a bit let down by the re-release.

bob nebe said...

I didn't know that, you'ld have to wonder why they would do that.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

thanks for this, good to hear the vinyl version of the tracks they are better in my opinion than the cd remaster. anyone know of any other places to grab their other early work from? i have them in mouldy vinyl format only : (

_ said...

thanks for this. yes, the reissue has rerecorded versions of storm and a selling of a rock which are overdone compared to the originals. anyone know where i can grab their other early releases? all my vinyl has gone mouldy : (

bob nebe said...

I have all the Lps and Eps, most on both vinyl and cd. So I'm open to requests
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a bother but do you have the following EP's at all? Moving Around/Hunting for Nuggets/Mr. Pooh (Do Be a Don't Be) or The Sing Sing EP's. Cheers in advance if you could help, Bob.

bob nebe said...

Darren I can half help you.
I have the sing sing EP on vinyl and I've been intending to rip it, so I'll get on to that soon. The other EP I haven't got I'm afraid
But someone else may so you never know
ciao bob

basso said...

any chance of a reup? Many thanks, Basso

bob nebe said...

back up!