Friday, February 1, 2008

The Saints Triumphant Return.

"This is fortunatous the last time we played this song here,
we got kicked out"

Chris Bailey, right before playing the song "No Time"

For those of you who didn't hear about the greatest reformation for years,
the original Saints reformed last year for a one off gig headlining the
incredible Pig City festival. I did a review of sorts that is posted
on Overheres wonderful blog.
Today I'm concentrating on the headline performance by the Saints.
The download of the performance is a brilliant audience recording and until
the DVD of the Festival is released it is fine.
Theres a far poorer quality recording getting round, try this as an upgrade.

"Punk hit Brisbane like no other city in Australia.
The tentacles that grew out of New York and London
from the musical explosion of 1976 affected the receptive
waiting enclaves in each major city around the globe in
varying ways. As the music and images of the Ramones,
Patti Smith, early Pere Ubu, Television and the Sex Pistols
were heard and seen, bands formed, systems started and
the word spread. Brisbane was different, for two main reasons:
we had Bjelke-Petersen and The Saints. Bjelke-Petersen
represented the kind of crypto-fascist, bird-brained
conservatism that every punk lead singer in the world could
only dream of railing against.
His use of a blatantly corrupt police force, and its heavy-handed
response to punk, gave the scene a political edge largely absent
in the other states.
And The Saints were the musical revolutionaries in the city's evil heart."

Robert Foster

Robert excellent review of The Saints at pig city can be found in its entirety

Robert knows more than most about how important this performance
was, to me it was coming full circle.
To young to have seen the original Saints play, the first time I saw
Chris, Ed was gone, so was Ivor and its was,
while still my favorite band, a very different band.
One of the first few LP's I bought was "I'm Stranded" and I was
hooked. And one of the first bands I saw was the Saints,
Just after the release of "Out in the Jungle."
They had a lot to live up to as the first big concert I went to was
the Clash. I have to say I've seen Chris with His Saints
and solo many times over the years, but put him with Ed and
Ivor can it transcends anything I've see before.

"You can see the chemistry immediately: Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper
make one of the best partnerships in Australian rock,
or rock 'n' roll anywhere. Which is not to forget the role of Ivor Hay.
He is vital, not only because of his inventive drumming
but also because of the authority he holds over Kuepper and Bailey,
both of whom turn to him regularly through the performance"

Robert Foster

And thats it really if you haven't heard this,
as Molly used to say, do yourself a favor.

Pig City - Brisbane's historical soundtrack'
location: playing field No. 4, University of Queensland
place: Brisbane, Australia
date: 14 July 2007


1. intro
2. Swing For The Crime
3. This Perfect Day
4. The Chameleon
5. No Time
6. A Minor Aversion
7. Pig city rant
8. (I'm) Stranded
9. All Times Through Paradise
10. The Prisoner
11. Know Your Product
12. Messin' intro
13. Messin' With The Kid
14. Medley intro*
15. Nights In Venice

16. Encore
17. Sam Hall
18. River Deep Mountain High

* Includes lyrics from The Pub With No Beer (Slim Dusty),
Berlin (Lou Reed) & Roadhouse Blues (The Doors)

Complete show
Total time = 79:26 mins

And never ending gratitude to the taper, Thanks.

Download Here

Part 1

Part 2


Anonymous said...

hey Bob, thanks for this.

also, great choices so far.....thanks very much for putting in the effort.

bob nebe said...

Thanks h2o for your imput, glad your enjoying the music
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

just found your blog via overhere.
This is a real gem and I would really go crazy if you could do a reup.
Best wishes from Germany

bob nebe said...

I'm on to it guehart,
any friend of overhere can get a reup
Go crazy
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,
many many thanks for the Saints !!!
Best wishes from Germany

Anonymous said...

Aaargh!!!The link seems to be dead. Can you imagine what a 20 years Saint's fan can feel when he realise that he won't get this file? Oh please, down on my knees, I hope that you can post it again...

bob nebe said...

lejeanjoseph your prayers have been answered.
From a saints fan who was a fan when they released monkey puzzle, something like 27 years ago
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

It works!!! Big big thx. Just do me a favor : don't remind me that I'm hooked for such a long time....