Friday, February 1, 2008

The Go-Betweens - very quick on the eye,

Described as a semi - official bootleg these tunes were recorded
as demos for their 1st Lp "Send me a lullaby" in Brisbane, in 1981.
I like this album a lot cause it shows a band beginning to develop
and develop into a highly original and very special band.
I suppose the true genius of the Gobetweens becomes complete
when "Before Hollywood" is released and that was where I
started with them. That was the first gobs stuff I heard
and I worked backwards from there.
The first time I saw them play was in 1982 as they toured for
the before hollywood Lp,I'm glad I saw them as a 3 piece cause
to me that was the essence of this great band.
A short but historic document from a band which should have
been bigger than the Beatles.

Track list

01. Sunday Night
02. One Word
03. If One thing Can Hold Us
04. Hope
05. It Took You A Week
06. Ride
07. Arrow In A Boy
08. The Clowns Are In Town
09. Serenade Sound
10. Careless
Download Here


mialee said...

You've started what promises to be a great blog and the handfull of posts already shows a mixed bag of treats so thanks and your efforts will surely be appreciated.

bob said...

Thanks for your comment mialee, I hope you enjoy the album
ciao bob

ken said...

Go-Betweens demos . . . hurray!
I stumbled on the band by accident in '84 - I went to Austin intending to see the True Believers, but I went to the wrong club and found the gobs instead.
Thank you so much for this share (and for the Saints, Laughing Clowns, etc.)!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No problem ken and thats a great story on how you found the Gobs.
ciao bob

Duncan said...

Wow - I've spent a decade thinking that "Very quick on the eye" must have been a phrase I made up in a dream. The cover pic reminds me that I have seen it before.

I don't think I've actually heard it, though, as I think only the cover was left in my housemate's collection!

Sorry to be a pain - but is there any chance you can upload this again?


PS: Currently enjoying live Triffids download.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Duncan, I'll upload this again it was on massmirror and that doesn't work anymore. Theres plenty of rare GOB's here, especially from the early years. They must be one of the most documented of these bands from Australia and the early 80's.
Look for the 5 songs cassette which has an interview on ZZZ from 1979,
its really good and the live to air
on ZZZ from 79 is fantastic.
Love your recollections and glad to
give you a place to find music that is so hard to find.
So where do you live these days?
you said you moved overseas, I assume your still there.
Somewhere exotic I imagine.:>)
Ciao Bob

Duncan said...

Thanks Bob - I'm downloading it now.

The first time I ever recall hearing the GoBs was on a ZZZ live to air in 1986/87, with an announcer who was really excited to have such a fabulous band back in Brisbane. I'm afraid I just didn't get it then - and ever after was in the wrong place at the right time to ever see them live.

These days I live in Kent and work in London - like the tens of thousands of others on my morning train.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Well Duncan I'm glad to share a bit of Brisbane and that Striped sunlight sound up your way to England.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

thanks rob for the blog and the go betweens memories. saw them first aged 16 20 yrs ago this june in dublin supporting r.e.m.. never saw a crowd since respond so favourably to a band that the dublin crowd did the go-be`s. i`ve been hooked ever since. ausrock is seriously underlooked which is undeserving in my book, from birdman to triffids and you am i. ignore at your peril. cheers. martin

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Martin always glad to hear from a fellow Gobs fan especially one in the northern half of the world
You will find an incredible amount of that underrated Australian music
here and if somethng takes you fancy that has a dead link just ask for it to be reuped and I will get to it ciao bob

Bob Nebe said...

back up in flac