Saturday, February 16, 2008

Out of Nowhere

Beside the legendary Apartments, Peter Milton Walsh headed up this
Laughing Clowns inspired band that released this one vinyl single.
Out of Nowhere began in Brisbane in march 1981
and played a number of significant well received dates
prior to moving to Sydney in October 81.
While in Brisbane they released their 1st single on cassette
"The Arrangements" in conjunction with Pink and Blue.
On arrival in Sydney, they played a few dates,
added a bass player and lost a drummer.
Subsequently Jeffery Wegener guests on this recording on
Ed Kueppers , Prince Melon Lable.
I'm not sure what happened after that, according to the short bio
I just quoted from above, they were to find a new drummer
and embark on their first tour of eastern Australia in late April 82.
By 1984 Peter was playing with the laughing clowns
and recorded on the next Lp I'm blogging.
If anyone can fill in the history please do in the comments.

Download Here


bazzil said...

20 Downloads and zero comments.
Shame on you all.

Thanks Bob, This one I haven't Heard For a Long Time :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Bazzil, when I got my record player finerly going again last year, it was the first time I'd heard it for well on ten years
ciao bob

Danny said...

What a gem. Being a fan of The Apartments I'd heard of Peter Milton-Walsh's brief stint in 'Out Of Nowehere' but until now had never tracked down a copy. Thank you so much for posting this.

This is the best blog ever. Keep up the good work.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Danny for your kind words, I'm glad that you have got to hear this lost gem after all these years
ciao bob

Roger said...

Thanks Bob
I've always wondered what this single sounds like, as I've always loved the Clowns. Another great post for the blog with the most.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Roger, make sure you check out the other out of nowhere post in mid April, its their only other release a cassette with 1 track on it.
ciao bob

bikeboy said...

Thanks for the previous relinkings, Bob. Can you re-up this single please!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Back up my friend

Scotty Regan said...

Hi, Scotty Regan here. I'm doing a research project on the Brisbane Sound. A re-upload would be greatly appreciated!