Friday, February 15, 2008

The Waifs

The Waifs debut album is a joy, the wondrously folksy, acoustic
sound of this trio, the strong but delightful vocals of the girls,
adds to out of Australia's most successful folk exports ever.
I first saw these guys play Woodford in the later 90's,
they were unknown outside these circles, but had a fanatic
following. They put on a mighty show too, these days seeing them
in a small, intimate setting like that would be impossible.

So in 15 years or so this band, who I've seen open for Bob Dylan,
have cemented themselves as a fiercely independent,
but successful act, crossing from the independent folk to mainstream,
through the hard work of constant touring and very good songs.
In December 2006, it was announced that Bridal Train had won not only the Best Folk Category in the US Songwriting Competition, but had taken out the Grand Overall Prize, the first time a non-American had won this prestigious award.
The band returned to Australia in March 2007 to perform at the Womadelaide Festival, their first Australian performance in 2 years, followed up by the West Coast and East Coast Blues and Roots Festivals, amongst others.
Last year saw them release their 5th studio album, recorded in Nashville.
There story is a wonderful inspiration for anyone starting out at the bottom,
they have never sent a cd to a record company, in that respect they remind me
of the also fiercely independent Michelle Shocked.
An their music isn't light years away from her ether.
If you missed these guys somehow give this a listen,
you won't be disappointed.

The Wait Song - the waifs

We drive an old beat up car
We play our out of tune guitars
Mother Nature keeps us safe

Even when we’re off our face
A waif is all I want to be
Not better for you no worse for me
You’ve got a mobile phone and heaps of money

We ain’t got much but at least we’re free
You may sit and talk and stare

But he’s not gonna cut his hair
Not gonna patch my jeans or wash my face

Going to keep on being a waif
A waif you see is an unloved child
A kid that’s stray and gone kind of wild
You can change your name, change your look
You can even change your style
But why don’t you come and live with us for a while
We pick up work when we can
Our clothes are all second hand Harmonicas are old
and abused
But she can still play the blues

Waifs Web Site

Download Here


Joey said...

Thank you. Wonderful band. I never heard of it before.

Joey from Germany

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

your welcome joey thanks for the feedback
ciao bob

Voodooboy said...

Great call on The Waifs, Bob. I have seen them twice here in the US, and the first time they had Paul Kelly opening for them! I have to admit that I went to see PK, but left a huge Waifs fan. I would highly recommend all their stuff.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

The waifs and paul kelly, they would be good together.
Great stuff reminds me of Michelle shocked who is a bit of an obsession with me
ciao bob