Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Wondering Kind - Neil Murray

At the end of last year I bought two Cds from two artists I really admire.
They were Shane Howard's newest "Songs of love and Resistance" and
Neil Murray's "Overnighter". I recommend both these Cds, however
because you might not know these guys I'll introduce them to you.
I'm going to cover Neil Murray first.
Neil is a true legend, as a young man he went to work in central Australia
at Papunya, as a teacher for the western desert aboriginal community.
It was here that the legendary Warumpi Band formed with Neil as a
founding member along with Sammy and Gordon Butcher and George
Rrurramba, More about these guys later.
Since 1989 Neil has forged a solo career which has earned him critical
acclaim, but not what I'd call commercial success.
I've seen play shows to very small groups of people yet give it his
all, yet when this guy puts outs something I listen.
He sings about the essence of Australia, He knows this country like
few of us do, I mean I've been to the Western Desert Country, yet
Few Australians I know have. He sings about Australia from the gulf
to Broome, from Melbourne to Alice and He can tell a story.
For you to get to know this guy I've picked his 2000 Lp
"The Wondering Kind "
Theres some brilliant tracks on this, let me tell you about my

"Driving days" is a hoot

"I've held the wheel on stormy nights
I've steered my way through the city lights

I've driven with rage and I've driven with tears

And I've changed my wheels every year

Well my driving days are over now
I've seen the bush, I've seen the towns

I've done more miles than I care about

My driving days are over now

A young ,man told me the other night,
He was going out west he had a job in a mine

He said, “Why don't you come along for the ride

It'd do you good, open your eyes”

I said, “I've done that trip already son

I've seen that country I know where you run

I followed that track to the setting sun

You just take care which road you're on”

But my favorite track is Good light in Broome
For those for don't know where Broome is
Its right up the top of Australia, considerably
west of Darwin and well, bloody remote.
About as far away as you can get from the rest
of Australia and this song turns it into a kind of
nirvana. I've just got to post the whole song.
Its one of the best stories in a song I've ever heard.


I was hangin’ out in Sydney and I was goin’ down
I’d done too many parties and my money was runnin’ out
Then I met an old man, who lived all alone
He had two dogs for company, that’s all he owned
He was savin’ his pension for a one-way fare
Said when he had enough, he was getting’ outta there
I said “Really, what are you gonna do?”
He smiled and said
“There’s good light in Broome”

I went out to western Queensland, working in the sheds
Met a girl in Quilpie and we got wed
Moved up to the Gulf, had our first born
We were livin’ in a caravan, I was workin’ on the prawns
I came home from a stormy sea
She’d up and gone and left a note for me
On it she wrote, “I’m sick of you”
That’s when I felt- there’s good light in Broome

Good light in Broome and I’ll be there soon

I know exactly what I’m a gonna do
Sit on the beach, stare at the moon
Haven’t you heard? there’s good light in Broome

I headed down south, couldn’t take the hint
Saw a lot of pubs, I had a lot to drink
I was runnin’ pretty ragged, I didn’t hardly eat
I was thinkin’ about her and what she did to me
There was a road and a hairpin bend
Then I woke up in a hospital bed
“How do ya feel?” said a voice in the gloom
I gave the answer, “there’s good light in Broome"

I went truckin’ out of Melbourne, back and forth to Perth
Didn’t take long and it seemed like a curse
My eyes were on the road, but my mind was somewhere else
When I pulled in to a Nullarbor roadhouse
The waitress came over and she’s there lookin’ at me
She asked me how I was, I said “Bit ordinary”
She said “I thought that might be your tune”
I said “Don’t tell me, there’s good light in Broome

Good light in Broome, well I’ll be there soon
I know exactly what I’m a gonna do
Sit on the beach, stare at the moon
Haven’t you heard? there’s good light in Broome

Well when I get to Cable Beach, I’ll fall right out of the truck and into the sea
With my clothes still on, I’ll plunge under the waves
And all the dirt will drain away
And just like Bunjil, I’ll get two dogs
And every evenin’ I’ll walk them along
On the edge of the country, take in the view
Just like I heard, there’s good light in Broome

Good light in Broome, well I’ll be there soon
I know exactly what I’m a gonna do
Sit on the beach, stare at the moon
Didn’t I tell ya? there’s good light in Broome

I Hope that some of you will get like this so much that you'll
want to buy a CD or so, cause I don't think Neils rich and he
deserves your support. visit his web site here

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Hello, I write from the Basque Country, to the north of Spain. I have almost the Neil Murray's all discs. I lack "overnighter".
Might you upload "overnighter"?
Here it is impossible to obtain it.
I like very much neil murray.
Many thanks.

bob nebe said...

Hi Xalba, Sorry I don't upload anything that you'd call a new release, check out the Neil Murray site
you can mail order it here

ciao bob

Anonymous said...

ok, thank you again

Rob said...

Wonderful blog mate, what a great discovery. I'll dive in more when I get some time. Well done! Cheers, Rob, Toowoomba www.robertashdown.com/blog

bob nebe said...

thanks rob, great photos on your site too