Sunday, February 3, 2008

Laughing Clowns - Red Flame UK compilation

This rare UK issue compilation of the magnificent Laughing Clowns
is a great place to start if your unfamiliar with this band.
After the original Saints split after 3 albums, Ed Kuepper was first
back at it with his new band before Chris got his act together.
This 1982 release combines most of the 2nd and 3rd EP releases
with tracks from the wonderful
"Mr Uddich Schmuddich Goes to Town" their next LP.
Where Chris Baily headed toward roots R and B , blues and rock music,
Ed took things to another place far away from the guitar based music
he was well known for.
The Clowns are like some kind of avant guard, free jazz, post punk
extravaganza, incredibly underrated and criminally overlooked.
These early Clowns tracks are some of my favorites, tracks like
"I just don't know what I want" with its extreme improvisation slowly morphing
into this powerful melody, or the brilliant catchy masterpiece "Sometimes"
Have remained favorite tracks since I heard them 20 plus years ago.
I've read how disappointed Ed Kuepper is that this band still aren't recognized
as the ground breaking band they were and its an often over looked part of his
career.I was alway disappointed that I never saw them play, however recently
I've twice seen Ed and clowns drummer Jeffrey Wegener play together doing
quite a few Clowns tracks.
You never know they may do the reformation thing.
That would be so cool.
If there's any requests, for I have all clowns stuff,
Write em in the comments

Download here


Hank said...

Hey, very interesting blog! Great posts, I will follow with interest. Keep up the good work, the world (well I do, and some other blokes I know) needs more great Australian music!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Hank, glad you like it, if you have any requests feel free to make them
ciao bob

Overhere said...

Nice one Bob - you keep posting 'em and I'll keep reading. Bought the Clowns compilation CD a year or so ago but I really like to listen in the original format.

Some brilliant posts in the first week


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Glad your finding something to download from me, I've lost count how much stuff I've got from your blog.
What was the compilation CD you bought last year? The cruel But fair triple Cd
I guess, which covers just about everything the clowns ever did.Still you do miss a few tracks and I love the art work, esp the Judi Kuepper stuff. I'll have to post some of that.
ciao bob

stan said...


Thank you for going to all this trouble. It's a nice site, lots of information and, of course, quality music.

If you are looking for Clowns requests, I have been trying without success to find a good rip of their penultimate album "Law of Nature" for some time. I have everything of theirs on vinyl but it's not all that, y'know, kid friendly, so it's nice to be able to take it with me.

We may have a bit to talk about. I have seen the Clowns play live, for example. (Tho I can't remember that much about it ...)

If you want to make contact, my gmail address is up at my own blog:

cheers stan

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Stan for for encouraging words, I'm always up for a request if I have it and I happen to have this one. If you have all the early Clowns stuff on vinyl your doing well cause its all quite rare these days. I read the other day Ed saying the only copy of uddich-schmuddich He'd seen for quite a while was his.
I'd love to hear about the clowns live.
I'll post law of nature and a brilliant but very different live
show of Eds. Nice blog by the way.
ciao bob

Danny said...

Great stuff.

I bought the Cruel But Fair CDs last year but it's nice to see the track listings and artwork of the original albums and compilations.

I'd love to hear some or all of the tracks that weren't featured on the 3CD set.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Danny keep an eye out here for laughing clowns, to pick up any
tracks missing from that compilation
you'd have to go back to all the original releases.
Try the Law of nature lp posted a bit later here and I will post the hard to get original lps later.
ciao bob

Tom said...

Hello Bob,

Brilliant of you to post the Red Flame compilation! Is it too much to ask for a rip and post of the entirety of Cruel But Fair? It's impossible to find here in the States and thus I've been salivating for it. The Clowns were unjustly unsung but time has a way of correcting such oversights... Many thanks!



Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Tom,
Posting that would most likely get me in trouble, being the most recent release I also didn't buy it, however I likely to post more of the original releases some of which never made it to cd and including tracks not on the cruel compilation.
Your spot on about the clowns however and I do hope that their brilliance will be seen, I'll look at posting their first ep to start.
ciao bob

mang_out said...

Gday Bob,

Mate thanks for the link to the live gig@seaview ballroom.

I am not sure how your able to find these wee treasures and this one looks a screamer as well. Same as my last post if your able to relink the Red Flame compilation with anythin other than zShare - nice one


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Andy,
I own this on vinyl and ripped it myself, like many records on here.
Its kind of the market I'm aiming at
rare, indy, Australian, out of print.
Some of the stuff here that likewise fits has been sent to me from most generous people. So lots of music that hasn't surfaced anywhere on the net before has become available and
somehow the worlds a better place.
ciao bob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

back up
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
have you got the clowns album "Golden Days: When Giant Roamed the Earth"?
I only have a dusty tape of it.