Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Shane Howard - Time Will Tell

Shane Howard should be a national treasure,
His music career started in 1982
with the legendary Goanna Band.
He wrote and recorded the Australian classic
"Solid Rock", which in His own words
"Threw me into aboriginal culture without
a safety net."
The first mainstream song to talk about
aboriginal rights its impact on this country
is felt to this day. Goanna released a 2nd Lp in 1985,
Oceania and split some stage after that.
Shane disappeared for the next few years,
after some personal issues and reappears in 1988
with His 1st solo Lp, Back to the track,
Which I'm really after if anyone has it.
1990 sees the release of, River,
his 2nd solo outing, which I may post and
1993 brings us this most wonderful Cd.
These 1st 3 solo Cds are all out of print now,
which is a shame. Since 93 Shane's
released 6 Cds and in 98 Goanna reformed,
played a Woodford (which I saw)
and released the brilliant, Spirit Returns.
I've seen Him play countless times,
he is a master and even met Him once,
a very humble and talented fellow.
This Cd has some of his best tunes and some fine lyrics,
his music is comforting yet challenging,
his understanding of Aboriginal culture
and its importance to the identity of this country unparalleled,
His ability to share His own journey inspirational.

Flesh and Blood - Shane Howard

Walk with me talk with me tell me your stories
I'll do my best to understand you
You're flesh and blood, flesh and blood
Don't refuse me your love,
More than words can express
More than wealth or success,

Oh there's a thousand things to do
So let's start here with me and you,

All the pain that you feel
All the hurt that seems so real
Oh come on walk with me, talk with me,
tell me your stories

I'll do my very best to understand you
You're flesh and blood

Flesh and blood is a case in point, written to His estranged Children,
He shares something few songwriters have had the courage too.
This song was picked up by Irish folk singer Mary Black, who
recorded it and had a hit single in Ireland. Shane ended up touring
Ireland and connecting with His Celtic roots.

The other song I'd like to highlight is the beautiful Murri Time.

Murri Time - Shane Howard

Brother, Sister, Now our time is growing short.
Do we fear what we face, Do we carry a torch.
How long, How long, Do these scars take to heal.

To be free, spiritually, once again.
Murrie man, Murrie woman .
Do you still walk, on that same ground.
Do you remember, special feeling.

Musgrave Park, Brisbane rain,
Murri land.

Now I'll explain Musgrave park, is a park in south Brisbane,
Which is a meeting place, of cultural significance to the local
Aboriginal people who refer to themselves as Murri's.
Now this is a beaut album and the fantastic version of
Dylan's I shall be released is worth the download alone.

Shane's Web site

Download Here


Mr Tanner said...

Thanks for this. I was only aware of The River which I have and believe that it is one of the most underrated albums ever released. Apart from the singles. Walk on fire and when the well runs dry? there are some classic songs there. Shane is one of Australias greatest songwriters and it's a shame that he is so often overlooked..
Look forward to listening to this album.

Mr Tanner

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Shane is one of the most underrated singer songwriters for sure, heres a list of the mans Lps released.
1988 - Back to the Track
1990 - River
1993 - Time Will Tell
1994 - Live in Ireland, Australia & New Zealand
1996 - Clan
2001 - Beyond Hope's Bridge
2004 - Retrospect
2004 - Another Country
2006 - Songs of Love and Resistance
1982 - Spirit of Place
1985 - Oceania
1998 - Spirit Returns
The only two I haven't got is
Back to the track and
Beyond hopes bridge,
so if anyone can help out with that it would be great.
I'm sure to do some more posts on Shane, check out Neil Murray, he's
fantastic too.
You can see whats available here
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

I can't comment on the album because zshare is a useless bag of dog manure which only spews ads, no download

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I just tried the download link and its working. theres been 34 downloads so far so please try again
ciao bob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Also try clicking the skip the ad button in the top right hand corner
ciao bob

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your site, the music brings back many enjoyable memories of my younger years

Is it possible for you to upload the link to Time will tell and any other Shane Howard or Goanna tracks.

For your info there is a Goanna EP available for download on MidozTouch that you may be interested in.

Thanks in anticipation


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Roskorulz007, thanks for the link and I will upload the album when I get a chance tonight
I will revisit shanes work soon, I have a little back log of requests, so I get on to that soon
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

love the blog. great music. long way from home

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Just wanted to say that I know Shane personally, and he is a truly great man who has sacrificed much for the sake of his art.

I'm sure he appreciates your interest and support in his music, but he is also a man of modest income, and the only way he can continue to create amazing music is if we BUY the albums.

I know some of them can be hard to get hold of, but if you vist you can purchase the albums from him directly - and he will post anywhere in the world.

By all means, check out the album from the download link in this article, but PLEEEAAASSEEE, if you like it, Buy it!!

Cheers all :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks I just checked his web site again and this album is still,
"curently not available"
there is a couple of cds I will be buying that I dont have.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I might add that all shane material that has been posted here is unavailable if it becomes available I will take down any current links

Anonymous said...

Hello from Biloela!

First time I heard play Shane Howard was back home in Cork by the banks of the River Lee.

Thanks for the uploads, any chance you can put more up at 320k?

Best wishes