Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hunters and Collectors - 1987 Boston

Out of the post punk Melbourne landscape that had produced the
likes of the Boys Next Door came this band in 1980.
They basically continued, with lineup changes, reinvention and
great success, until the final tour of Australia in 1998.
Last nights Episode of Great Australian Albums is the
catalyst for todays post. Human Frailty was their 1986
breakthrough album, it spawned the classic
"Throw Your Arms Around Me" , which is apparently
Australia's number 1 karaoke song and enabled the band
to be one of the few post punk, arthouse beginning bands to
cross into the mainstream, becoming a MMM classic
Australian rock band. I brought Human Frailty when
it came out, a brilliant uncompromising album, not
commercial in the least, it reshaped music here for years.
Their heavy percussion, big bass and horn section is
unlike anything else and Mark Seymour is one of the
best front men you could ask for.
And fancy getting commercal airplay with a song with
lyrics like this

Say Goodbye - M Seymour

Just the other night I come home
After three months
Of constant grind and travel
And I went snivellin': I went crawling
Around to my girlfriend's house
And she came down hard upon me
And she ground her finger
Into my breastbone
And she said, She said
"You don't make me feel
like I'm a woman anymore.
You don't make me feel
like I'm a woman anymore

You don't make me feel like
I'm a woman anymore!"

And I know: I know
It's been a long time
Seems like it's been going on forever
And my heart
My heart is beating too big
It's beating too big
For the space that's meant to hold it

So goodnight
Goodnight my little lovely.
As we turn
As we turn down the lights
Say goodbye
Goodbye to the naked truth
Your skin is lookin' weary
And your eyes are closing down on the day

Oh yeh, you don't make me feel
Like I'm a woman anymore

Ahhh well I know
I know
It's been a long time
Seems like it's been going on forever
But just as black is white
Yeah and just as night is day
The light is gunna leave you
And you're gunna fade away

So goodnight
Goodbye my little lovely
As we turn
As we turn down the lights
Say goodnight
Goodnight to the naked truth
Your skin is looking weary
And your eyes are closing down on the day.

The live Boot I've got for you comes from Mr S's archive
of rare and fantastic music. there's loads more Hunters stuff
so if there's interest I can post more.
This concert is from a Fm radio Broadcast and its excellent

Track List
01 Faraway Man
02 The Way To Go Out
03 Is There Anybody In There
04 January Rain
05 Breakneck Road
06 Getting Older (The Clean)
07 Say Goodbye
08 Stuck On You
09 99th Home Position
10 Inside A Fireball
11 Living Daylight
12 What's A Few Men
13 I Believe

Download Here


radhock said...

Watched the show last night as well - even postponed other viewing to do so - and enjoyed it. So looking forward to this from a show not long after. Thanks.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No problem radhock, it was a great show last night, very interesting I learnt quite a lot myself
ciao bob

theoffshores said...

Hi Bob,

Excellent show last night - enjoyed it immensely. I've lost my copy of HUman Frailty and was wondering you could post a copy for your readers to evaluate again...???

Love your work mate

Anonymous said...

Any Ian Rilen?

kel said...

Thank you for posting the Boston show! I'm very curious to hear the song 'Getting Older (The Clean)'.

Hopefully one day I'll be able to see the Great Australian Albums show.
The clip that is on the SBS site is quite funny.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi all, first I'll have to see if I can find human frailty as mp3 first,
otherwise I have it on vinyl can Ill have to rip it. 2nd no Ian Rilen but if anyone can help that would be cool.
Thanks for all the kind words guys
ciao bob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I seem to be losing the odd comment
here's one that when missing.
By the way your welcome Vaughn
and ed does tour overseas he recently did a small tour in Europe where he supported the bad seeds i think.
check out his web site for all info
ciao bob

Vaughn said

I found your blog yesterday and what a find it is! I live in the USA but I'm a major fan of Aussie music.
The Go-Betweens are my favorite but I love so much of what your continent has to offer. It seems unending in terms of quantity and quality.
The Robert Forster show from NYC is a major treat and I was glad I dug into your archives and found Ed Kuepper 'cause he's a close 2nd in my favorites. Ed is a relative unknown in the States and what a loss to those here that he is, he's amazing. Does he ever tour outside of AUS?
Thank you for all your great shares!

Anonymous said...

As far as Ian Rilen goes, you can get two albums by X on - they are "X-Aspirations" and "At Home With You". If you are sly, get a free account and get the two albums for zip

Anonymous said...

Human Frailty is available new; please support the boys

Mr S

Anonymous said...

I know we can get At Home With You new (in a fantastic 2-CD digipack, with a live bonus disc, none the less!) but X-Aspirations appears to still await a nice new CD release.

Mr S

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Mr S,I'll leave the Human Frailty as its been released and complete with a dvd, fantastic.I thought a hunters post would bring you out, did you see the Great Australian Records show on Saturday night?
I did record it if you missed it.
ciao bob

Alvis said...

Surprised there aren't more picking up your offer to post more from Mr S's archive. Yes please! Post all you've got!!

Mike said...

First up, love this blog. Thanks very much mate.

Didn't H and C release a live album. I'd love to hear that again, especially the song Carry Me.

Keep up the good work...

pavlol said...