Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Louis tillet - Cry Against The Faith

This 1999 release of Louis Tillet is a wonderful record, beautiful
ballads, blues you could mistake for the doors and even jazz rock
that reminds me of the laughing clowns.
But all such comparisons are unnecessary even unworthy,
this is in the league of its own.

Track List
01 - Since You've Been Gone
02 - Chained To The Stone
03 - Windows Pane
04 - Feeling Free
05 - Hold Me
06 - Tombstone Eyes
07 - And She Sang
08 - In Loving Memory Of
09 - It's Gonna Rain
10 - Credits

Download Here


Hank said...

Excellent, cheers mate!!

Bottlelow said...

Many thanks Bob...this truly is a masterpiece of an album.