Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cleopatra Wong - Egg

Within two years of the Go-Betweens both Lindy Morrison and
Amanda Brown had become mothers, stayed in contact
and then followed up their goal of forming a band in which they
wrote the songs.

The resulting band was Cleopatra Wong. The band had a high-tech
approach which Robert Forster said was way Lindy had wished the
planned Gobs next album would go. Amanda was the main songwriter
and apart from free jams of her earlier band Climbing Frame and
a partial credit on Don't call me gone, this was her first foray
into the world of songwriting.

Cleopatra Wong played around Sydney and even toured
South East Asia, released 2 Eps, Egg in 1992 and Cleopatra's Lament
in 1993. Cleopatra Wong came to a surprise end in 1993 when Lindy
left on the eve of a repackaging deal of the 2 Ep's for US release,
a deal which then didn't go through.
A must listen for fans of these two incredible artists

Download Here


blatmann said...

This a great EP. "Thank you" always gets stuck in my head.
I saw them play once at the Three Weeds in Rozelle. A very pregnant Amanda singing Billy Bragg's "Trust" was an absolutely beautiful moment.

Jonathan said...

Thank you so much for this! I came straight here after watching the "Thank You" video (which is beautiful). It's amazing to know that these two ladies still make music together (The Rainy Season?).

Anonymous said...

thank you for this i've been searching for Cleopatra Wong for a long time. i had the 2nd release (i think).
but the downloads are not working :(
the links to megadownload and rapidshare are said to hav adware, spywere and/or viruses.
can you post a clean download please?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Megaload is working, it has ads but so does facebook, theres no spyware, viruses or malware,
thats the download link there won't be another till it stops