Thursday, September 11, 2008

Louis Tillet - Learning to Die

Another request Louis Tillet's 2001 release Learning to Die.
Another beautiful record, wonderful instrumentals,
darkly beautiful songs and
plenty of Louis's fantastic voice.
There's even jazzy grooving songs that remind me more
of Barry Adamson than anyone else can and that's quite
an effort.

Track list
01 - The Devil Knows Now
02 - Artist's Song (Spirit Of The Life)
03 - Morning Light Instrumental
04 - Blind Freddy's Bluff
05 - The Ballad Of Hollis Brown
06 - Ride The Tiger
07 - Turner's Ocean
08 - Transit To Venus
09 - Morning Light

Download Here


Bottlelow said...

Louis Tillett overload I'm freakin out!! Thanks!!!

mialee said...

Thanks very much for the Tillett recordings.

Can I also point yourself to both dimeadozen for an early audience video of Dead Can Dance and Demonoid for both Toward The Within and Sanctuary DVD's not that they aren't worthy of purchasing, but just consider them as a preview before buying them, or in your case didn't someone send you a copy of Sanctuary.
Either way - great stuff indeed.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No problem mialee, thanks for the tip off on the dime dvd, im grabbing that, thanks to roger who frequents round here i have a copy of sanctuary, which is very special and
I purchased toward the within a couple of years ago, mighty fine dvd too., theres been a heap of dcd on dime lately i must say.
you enjoy the tillett
ciao bob

Hank said...

Yeah Bottlelow, you and me both! This is brilliant! Thanks Bob!

Jeff said...


thanks for the 2 Louis Tillett albums I DL'd tonight - this one + the live, both of which have eluded me for years.

I consider him highly underrated and have all his other stuff starting with the Wet Taxis 45 bought on day of release.

smithy in sydney.