Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Robert Forster - 15-09-2008 Joes Pub NYC (Late Show)

Mialee, blogmaster of the wonderful Ambient Highway brought this
recording to my attention last night. I'm glad he did cause its one of
the best live recordings I've heard for a long time.
This Digital Soundboard Recording is perfect, heres what nyctaper,
the man to whom I'm eternally grateful, has to say about the
recording and mix.

We recorded this show directly from the soundboard under the
possible circumstances and the result is a professional
quality recording.
We used XLR cables from the board directly
into the Apogee pre-amp
and digitally captured in 24-bit with
the Microtrack.

This is a true digital soundboard recording.
The soundboard tech at Joe’s Pub mixed the show to perfection,
and the capture mix, the levels, and the soundstage are all


And the show!

By his own words, Robert Forster performed one of the best sets
of music he has ever played last night at Joe’s Pub.
The seventy-minute set was tight, well-paced
and executed to perfection.
The setlist drew from classic Go-Betweens numbers,
Robert’s solo career, one Velvets cover,
and a couple of numbers from his excellent new release
The Evangelist. Of particular poignancy was Robert’s heartfelt
rendition of “Demon Days”, one of final collaborations between
Forster and his longtime Go-Betweens writing partner
the late Grant McLennan. Robert’s musical accompaniment
was also outstanding — including the tremendous bass guitar
from former Go-Betweens Adele Pickvance.
Adele’s solo on “I Can Do” was one of the highlights of the evening.

Robert Forster - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Glenn Thompson - Guitar, Drums(on I Can Do), Vocals
Adele Pickvance - Bass, Vocals
Matthew Harrison - Drums

01 121
02 German Farmhouse
03 Head Full of Steam
04 Temptation Inside Your Heart (VU)
05 Pandanus
06 Draining The Pool For You
07 Too Much Of One Thing
08 Demon Days
09 Clouds
10 Darlinghurst Nights
11 I Can Do
12 Surfing Magazines
13 Did She Overtake You
14 Quiet Heart
15 Born To A Family
16 [banter]
17 Spring Rain

Robert Forster
Late Show
Joe's Pub
New York, NY USA

Download Here


Nitima Sood said...

Hi B& B,

Very entertaining articles.

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nyctaper said...

Please remove the unauthorized rapidshare link to the nyctaper recording.

bob nebe said...

Boy you tracked that down quick, Ive removed the unauthorized RP link to the unauthorized recording, the link now directs you to nyctaper who has links to the files.
ciao bob

nyctaper said...

The recording was pre-approved.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to jump the gun (I should be waiting to see if I can actually play this on my computer), but I'm writing with optimism. I was at the show, drove up from d.c. for it, and to have that night of magic preserved, well, you are a GODSEND.

John in d.c.

Anonymous said...

p.s. -- the banter, I believe, was with me!
john in d.c.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to this, Fantastic.

Hookfinger said...

That's such a great show - thanks for pointing us in that direction!!

bob nebe said...

No problem hookfinger, Thanks for the link, of course I've returned the favour , I look forward to discovering your hidden gems as they surface
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on this... it's a truly superb recording.

Mr S

bob nebe said...

Too right mr s plus a great selection of songs and a great performance, the only downside is its too short
ciao bob