Friday, September 5, 2008

Louis Tillett - live @ The Basement

11 Fantastic songs live and perfectly recorded

Louis Tillett
live @ The Basement, Sydney 14/06/99

Track List
01. Midnight Rain
02. Ancient Song
03. Condemend To Live
04. From Me To You
05. Chained To The Stone
06. Midnight Witch
07. Around You
08. Window Paine
09. Ship Of dreams
10. Hold Me
11. Life Raft

Download Here


mialee said...

Just spent the last hour looking for a Wet Taxis release to upload for you and thought I'd better check first and found it posted already anyway I've got half of Tillet's releases so I'm keen to listen to a few of the others so please keep posting - brilliant stuff.
The next link is a comp which contains some very early tracks from the Wet Taxis.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Mialee, I'll check out these links
ciao bob

Hank said...

Great, thanks Bob!
And thanks Mialee for the Wet Taxis link, been meaning to rip the album but haven't gotten around to it, haven't listened to it for ages. It's going to be fun hearing it again!

Bottlelow said...

Howdy Bob, Cry against The Faith or Learning to Die would be a real treat, aint never seen them posted nowhere before. See you

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Ill put up Cry next bottlelow,
Learning to Die after.
ciao bob

Bottlelow said...

Way cool Bob they are sure to be on high rotation in my cave for quite a while!!

Anonymous said...

I like this mood...Tillett-Shoenfelt-Cave...

Anonymous said...

Re-upload please?