Friday, September 5, 2008

Louis Tillett - Letters To A Dream

Many thanks to Hank for this 1992 Louis Tillett release.
I've been listening to this and I can tell you its excellent.
This guy is so good, but I'm a sucker for a Hammond


Louis Tillet : Vocals, Piano, Hammond Organ,
Hacksaw, Axe & Boldcutters
Jackie orszaczky : Bass
Sunil de Silva : Percussion
Sarah Peet : Cello
Ellen Stringer : Female Vocals
Jade de Silva : Backing Vocals on 2,3 & 5
Peter Boyd : Alto & Soprano Saxophone

Track List
01 Entering The World Of Morpheu
02 Ship Of Dreams
03 Harpies Bizzare
04 Cyren's Call
05 The Tempest
06 Dancing With The Devil 1 & 2
07 Pennelope's Lament
08 Do Not Go Gentle In To The Good Night09 Work Song
10 Daybreak's Reprieve

Download Here


MegaHurts said...

This would have probably been awesome, but the link does not work anymore. Could you please re-upload?

bob nebe said...

back up