Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ian Rilen - Live (acoustic) at the excelsior hotel, Surry Hills (2003)

A request for some Ian Rilen leads to this post
this 2003 Live acoustic performance,
this guy does fantastic gutsy blues.
If you saw rockwiz last week one of
the guest artists was Steve Lucas who was
in legendary Sydney band X with Ian.
For those who are unfamiliar with Ian as I was
here's some history.

Ian Rilen's first substantial band was Band of Light,
a heavy blues outfit fronted by ex-La De Da Phil Key
in the early '70s. After leaving, Rilen fell in with ,
ex-Buffalo bassist Peter Wells who switched to slide
as they surrounded themselves with players in the
formidable hard rock beast that would become Rose
Tattoo. With a menacing image and sound just as
imposing, the Tatts were taken in under the Alberts
wing (the production house run by ex-Easybeats
Harry Vanda and George Young that spawned AC/DC).
The Rilen-Penned single "Bad Boy For Love"
cracked it for mainstream success -
just as its author moved on.
His next band was X. Perpetual outlaws afflicted
by a reputation for hard drugs and violent crowds,
the band existed outside the industry.
No band played harder, faster or with more spirit.
Twenty-five years later they still exist, on paper
at least, testimony to the musical bonds between
the only two constants, Rilen and singer-guitarist
Steve Lucas. Sandwiched between X break-ups
and reformations are a variety of other Rilen bands.
For a while, he even played sideman to former
Cold Chisel guitarist Ian Moss (a hugely commercial
form of employment that Rilen managed to,
uh, sidestep, as we'll hear later). Sardine v found him
moving on to rhythm guitar, his then-wife Stephanie
on keyboards. Skindiver found him playing the animated
front man. Hell to Pay coupled Rilen with the venerable
Spencer P. Jones (The Johnnys, Beasts of Bourbon) and
rollicking bar band rock. It involved his now former
girlfriend (and longtime X drummer) Cathy Green.
So does Rilen's next vehicle, the Love Addicts,
which finds him back on guitar and grinding out
gutbucket, down-and-dirty blues-rock.
Rilen's solo albums included Love is Murder (2001)
and Passion, Boots and Bruises (2004).
A final album was completed shortly before his death
from bladder cancer at the age of 59 on 30 October 2006.

Download Here


Pit Maravich said...

are these files ok? my winamp stops after a while, and I have to move the seek bar in order to continue playing.

anyhow thanks for the share!

bob nebe said...

I only just got these and posted them, I did a quick check to see they were complete which they were.
I don't normally post wmp files but they were all I could find.
I hope their alright I'll try playing it here from start to end
and check it out
ciao bob

bob nebe said...

Damm your right I best take them down
see if can get some working files
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Bob am aware that this is an old post, in any case thanks so much for this set of Ian's.
I live in Bendigo Vic.(Ian's hometown) and caught Ian's last gig there before he passed on.
He was brilliant to the last!...it was a shame that the venue catered for younger people and they had no true appreciation of what they were experiencing.
X are still doing gig's down in St Kilda...the music never grabbed me like 'tha tats' or Love Addicts.
Thanks again for the download.