Thursday, September 18, 2008

Robert Forster 2008 tour blog

A quick post to let you know that a blog for the US and
European legs of the 2008 tour has been started by
the self proclaimed band on the run at
The blog will be regularly updated with news from the road.


Robert said...

Hi Bob,

Just had a thought. Just wondered if you've ever stumbled across this recording:

Go-betweens: Last Stand - Live At MaxĂ­s Petersham December 1989
The last gig of the original line-up, previewing tracks from the unrecorded Freakchild album and featuring Michael Armiger on bass.

I just saw it listed on a bootleg site. Would LOVE to hear this one.

Thanks again for the brilliant blog.


Matthias said...

Bob, you are brilliant. Thanks for all the side projects for Gobees. One thing that I've never found is the FOC porject Grant did with Powderfinger. Could you post? I've only heard Suicide At Home during the acoustic US shows in 1999 before the great reformation. Cheers, Matt

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Far Out Corporation you've got it Matt. Great idea
ciao bob