Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nick Cave and Blixa Bargeld, Mick Harvey - Ghosts ...of the Civil Dead

Ghosts... of the Civil Dead is a 1988 Australian movie
directed by John Hillcoat.
A dramatization of actual events with episodic bursts
separated with quotes from actual prison documents
Ghosts of the Civil Dead tells the story of slow building
tensions within an Australian maximum security prison,
tension that leads to violence that leads to a lengthy,
as in more than three year,
lock down that leads to rioting and the wounding
or killing of several prison guards.

I went to the world premier of this film which was here
in Brisbane as part of some 4zzz fund raising effort back
in 1988, my memories are a bit dim concerning that,
however the film let an indelible impression on me.
It is the single most violent and difficult to watch film
I have ever seen, Nicks performance is incendiary and
when you can't imagine this prison becoming any worst,
as they say they bring the crazies in.
Nick plays the screaming psychopath Maynard who
decorates his cell in his own blood after making
his late arrival.
Dave Mason of the band the Reels, also gives a fantastic
performance, but its the music we are looking at here.
Nick Cave's music is used to heighten tension;
its suitably foreboding and atmospheric,
with an unnerving mood created throughout.
This is typified by the haunting 'la, la' discordant
melody sung by Anita Lane which has the effect of
putting the listener on edge.
Its is some of the truly most disturbing music
you will ever hear.

Track list
01. The New
02. Introduction - A Prison In The Desert
03. David Hale - I've Been A Prison Guard
Since I Was 18 Years Old
04. Glover - I Was 16 When They Put Me In Prison
05. David Hale - You're Dangling Like A
Bunch Of Meat On A Hook
06. Pop Mix
07. Pop Mix
08. Glover - We Were United Once
09. David Hale - The Day Of The Murders
10. Lilly's Theme ("A Touch Of Warmth")
11. Maynard Mix
12. David Hale - What I'm Tellin' Is The Truth
13. Outro- The Free World
14. Glover - One Man Released So They
Can Imprison The Rest Of The World

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bazzil said...

Ghosts... of the Civil Dead.
I saw this film once when it came out. A very disturbing movie.

But here is a bit of trivia.
I do remember in one of the cells a movie by the name of Waterpower was on the TV. It was supposedly the true story of The Illinois Enema Bandit. It was a truly dirty movie.

So there you have it the most disturbing movie I have seen, on the telly in the second most disturbing movie I have seen.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Bazzil I did neglect to mention the very large amount of hardcore type porn that seemed to be in all the prison cells, be it posters or videos playing on tvs,I didn't recognize anything myself, but that is the funnest bit of trivia Ive heard for a while.For me Ghosts will remain the most disturbing film Ive seen. Although I bet you could find the other somewhere on the net.
ciao bob